Costa Rica makes nuclear fusion history with plasma discharge


first_img“We must understand that [plasma] is universal, all the stars in our universe produce energy from fusion,” he said, adding that it’s a safe and environmentally-friendly source of energy that doesn’t generate greenhouse gases.It’s also theoretically an unlimited source of energy, using hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.David Gates, the stellarator physics leader at Princeton’s Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL), sent a video message to Costa Rica, in which he welcomed the country to the small group of nations that have managed to produce high-temperature plasma.“We welcome Costa Rica to the world of international collaboration in physics and stellarator reactors,” Gates said. “We’re very excited to continue the cooperation between our two universities,” he said. TEC’s Iván Vargas is currently doing an internship at the Princeton lab.Government officials, professors, students and other special guests observed the experiment through the live broadcast from one of TEC’s campus auditoriums. Scientists from various countries, government officials, TEC professors and special guests watch a live broadcast of the first discharge of plasma from Costa Rica’s Stellarator-1 on June 29, 2016. (Via TEC)The next stageVargas said the first test was aimed at controlling the plasma discharge. Researchers also wanted to verify the stellarator’s capacity to control plasma temperatures, which reach above 300,000 degrees Celcius (540,000 Fahrenheit).Researchers will now focus on the engineering aspects of the device and the physical properties of the plasma it can create.“Then we will keep working on improvements to the device and in the future, we’ll focus on improving its capacity,” Vargas said.Plasma applications go beyond energy. There are ongoing investigations of plasma for use in medicine for cancer and skin treatment, and dentistry.Plasma also has potential for use in the textile industry, for water purification, waste treatment and for energy generation through plasma gasification.Costa Rican physicist and former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz is also working on the development of plasma-based space propulsion systems for NASA.Chang’s VASIMR plasma engine is currently in the testing phase and is considered the leading rocket propulsion technology for taking the first manned mission to Mars. Facebook Comments Related posts:Franklin Chang’s VASIMR plasma engine readies for key test Costa Rica’s first satellite scheduled for deployment in one year Astronauts from 6 space agencies to convene in Costa Rica next week Behind the scenes at NASA: meet Costa Rican space pioneers “It’s a special moment for us,” Vargas said. “The SCR-1 is the only [stellarator] in Latin America and one of the few in the world devoted to research of plasma as a future energy source,” Vargas told a group of scientists from various countries who came to Costa Rica to witness the historic first discharge.In February, German scientists made the first test with their own stellarator in a special ceremony in which Chancellor Angela Merkel was in charge of switching on the first hydrogen plasma.How does a stellarator work?A stellarator uses magnets to confine hot plasma in order to sustain a controlled nuclear fusion reaction. The stellarator looks to reproduce the energy of stars, which are natural fusion reactors.In stars, the force of gravity and high temperatures fuse together the nuclei of atoms, releasing energy. “We’re recreating on Earth the system used by the universe to generate its main energy source,” Vargas said.Take a virtual tour of Costa Rica’s Stellarator-1:center_img Researchers at the Technology Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) announced the first discharge of high temperature plasma in Latin America on Wednesday, joining an elite group of countries who have made advances in harnessing nuclear fusion to produce clean energy.To produce the discharge, TEC physicists used a device called a stellarator built on the university’s campus in Cartago province.The first discharge of Costa Rica’s Stellarator-1 (SCR-1) lasted only 4.5 seconds but is considered the most complex applied physics research conducted in the country, TEC officials said during a special ceremony held Wednesday and broadcast live.Costa Rica is just the sixth country in the world to have developed a stellarator, along with the U.S., Japan, Spain, Australia and Germany, according to a news release from TEC.The scientific achievement took six years of research and an investment of $500,000.Iván Vargas, coordinator of TEC’s Plasma Laboratory for Fusion Energy, said that one gram of energy from the stellarator can generate up to 26,000 kilowatt hours (kWh), enough to power 80 homes for a full month. Plasma technology opens the possibility to generate 100 times more power than a hydroelectric plant.According to Vargas, plasma is seen by many in the scientific world as the energy of the future — clean and theoretically inexhaustible.Watch the first high-temperature plasma discharge produced by the SCR-1 (with voiceover in English):last_img read more

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Poll Majority of Americans favor diplomatic ties with Cuba


first_imgThere is some momentum in Congress, however, to lift the trade embargo.Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., backs a bipartisan bill in the Senate to lift the embargo, which she said must be done for the U.S. to avoid losing investment opportunities that will come with loosening of travel restrictions to the island.“Once millions of American tourists are going, they will need places to stay and they will need food to eat. … So when they come, they are going to be starting to sleep in Spanish hotels and eat German foods because those countries will be able to supply what they need in the tourism industry, not to mention the computers and Wi-Fi and everything else,” Klobuchar said in an interview.She predicted the legislation, which has 20 co-sponsors so far, would pass, although maybe not this year. “I know there are some people who have long been opposed to this,” she said.Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey thinks the Obama administration’s work to restore relations is an attempt to validate the Castro regime’s “brutal behavior.”“I remain deeply concerned with ongoing human rights violations in Cuba,” Menendez said Monday. “There have been over 2,800 political arrests on the island this year alone.” Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The resumption of normal ties ended decades of acrimony between the two nations that was hardened when President John F. Kennedy and Cuba’s Fidel Castro fought over Soviet expansion in the Americas. The new diplomatic status, however, does not erase lingering disputes, such as mutual claims for economic reparations, Havana’s desire to end a more than 50-year-old trade embargo and the U.S. push for Cuba to improve human rights and democracy.The new poll also found that 58 percent of Americans approve of President Barack Obama’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Havana while 40 disapprove. By contrast, only 39 percent approve of his handling of the U.S. role in world affairs more generally, while 59 percent disapprove.“I just disapprove of his politics in general,” said Julie Smith, 40, a university administrator from Bowling Green, Kentucky. “I just don’t think that us trying to improve relations with Cuba is beneficial to the United States.”Respondents were split on what to do about the sanctions on Cuba. Forty-eight percent thought they should be decreased or eliminated entirely while 47 percent favored keeping them at their current level or increasing them. Five percent didn’t answer. The story was different when it came to Iran.Seventy-seven percent said they thought sanctions on Tehran should be kept where they are or increased, according to the poll, which was conducted just days before the U.S. signed an agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for economic sanctions relief. Under the agreement, Iran’s nuclear program will be curbed for a decade in exchange for potentially hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of relief from international sanctions.Mary Barry, 57, of Arlington, Texas, is happy that the Obama administration opened diplomatic efforts with both Cuba and Iran, but is wary about lifting sanctions on the two countries.“I think we need to have diplomatic relations with Iran and monitor their nuclear weapon,” said Berry, who works producing and staging corporate business meetings. But, she said: “I think we need to keep the sanctions in place on Iran to make sure they’re doing what they’ve promised they’re going to do because I think Iran is a country that you can’t really trust.”On Cuba, she thinks it’s “just time” to restore diplomatic relations. But she favors a gradual lifting of sanctions on Cuba. “I don’t think they should be lifted immediately,” she said. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Graphic shows results of AP-GfK poll of attitudes toward Cuba; 2c x 4 inches; 96.3 mm x 101 mm; New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Sponsored Stories center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Top Stories WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly three-fourths of Americans think the United States should have diplomatic ties with Cuba, but they’re not sure how far to go in lifting sanctions, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released Monday as full diplomatic relations between the two countries were formally restored.“Relations between Cuba and the U.S. I think are long overdue. There’s no threat there,” said Alex Bega, 30, of Los Angeles. “I think the sanctions we have on them are pretty much obsolete.” The AP-GfK Poll of 1,004 adults was conducted online July 9 to July 13, using a sample drawn from GfK’s probability-based KnowledgePanel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 3.4 percentage points. Respondents were first selected randomly using phone or mail survey methods, and later interviewed online. People selected for KnowledgePanel who didn’t otherwise have access to the Internet were provided access at no cost to them.___Online:AP-GfK Poll: http://www.ap-gfkpoll.comCopyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywalllast_img read more

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Foreign Ministers of Cyprus Greece and Egypt reiterate support for a Cyprus


first_imgThe foreign ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt have expressed support to Nicosia’s efforts for a Cyprus settlement “without outdated security arrangements”.During a meeting in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly the minister also agreed that the presence of the peacekeeping mission on the island is indispensable.In a Joint Communique issued after the meeting, Ioannis Kasoulides, Nikos Kotzias, and Sameh Shoukry reaffirmed, among others, their “unwavering support to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem that will reunify Cyprus in a viable, functional state in line with UNSC resolutions and international law, without outdated security arrangements which allow for the right of foreign military intervention and without foreign troops”.They also stressed that the United Nations remains the forum through which a settlement can be achieved and that UNFICYP’s presence is indispensable, as long as Cyprus remains under illegal Turkish military occupation.“This trilateral consultation mechanism, which was launched in New York five years ago, reaffirms the mutual commitment of the three states to cooperate and work towards promoting security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region and facilitates cooperation in this respect” the communique said.The Ministers also reviewed the progress on the implementation of projects in priority areas agreed during previous trilateral summits and welcomed ongoing cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture, maritime transport, tourism, trade, and investment.Kasoulides, Kotzias, and Shoukry also pledged to step up cooperation in these fields, in view of the upcoming trilateral summit that will take place in Nicosia, on November 21, 2017.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Doctors urge government to focus on serious understaffing at hospitals Updated


first_imgInstead of using state budgets to refer patients to the private sector, the health ministry should deal with the serious understaffing problem at public hospitals, the head of the state doctors’ union (PASYKI) said on Wednesday.Commenting on a series of tweets posted by Health Minister Giorgos Pamboridis on Tuesday warning PASYKI that unless state hospitals became autonomous, the public health sector would die, union head Soteris Koumas said that before autonomy is implemented, state hospitals must be reorganised.Dates for the implementation of hospital autonomy, which is a basic pre-requisite for the implementation of the National Health Scheme (NHS), have been constantly delayed following disagreements over provisions.The goal is for state hospitals to achieve legal, administrative and financial independence but the ministry and unions of health professionals disagree over labour issues in reaching that goal.“We were the first to propose administrative and financial autonomy of state hospitals, but with supervision from the health ministry,” Koumas told the Cyprus Mail.He also said that despite Pamboridis’ statements when he became minister that he would support state hospitals, as they were the backbone of the health system, he said that they are still waiting.”We believe that corrective moves need to be made. State hospitals are understaffed,” he said.The Limassol state hospital’s ophthalmology department and Paphos’ state hospital gynaecology department only operate with one doctor each, Koumas said. He added that in both cases, from the initial four doctors staffing each of the two departments, only two remained and one of them is sick, thus these departments now operate with one doctor each.“On the one hand they tell us there is no budget to hire doctors, on the other hand there is no interest on behalf of doctors to work in the state sector,” he said.He added that no doctor after studying for 12 years chooses to work in the public sector because the pay is lower and working conditions inferior compared to the private sector.State hospitals need to be boosted with immediate measures, Koumas said. He added that other hospital departments are losing medical staff as well.Commenting on government statements that a study indicated there is a surplus of nurses and doctors, he said “Why are then patient waiting lists rapidly increasing?”.PASYKI announced that they would announce later in the month whether they would proceed with measures.Pamporidis later in the day said he was “surprised to watch PASYKI attempting to conduct a dialogue on the problems of public hospitals through the press”.“PASYKI has not asked to meet me to ask me these questions,” Pamboridis said. He added that he has made appeals to the leadership of PASYKI many times and that he explained to them that “none of the long standing problems of public hospitals can be resolved within the inadequate and inflexible framework of the public sector”.He also said he invited them to engage in sincere dialogue to establish an independent autonomous health organisation to be in charge of public hospitals and primary care of the state insured.“Unfortunately, PASYKI rejected the establishment of this agency and insists that our hospitals remain under government control, ignoring that this is precisely the source of most problems experienced by patients but also the state health professionals themselves”.You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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New Delhi Soon airl


New Delhi: Soon airline-like food would be on the plates of train passengers as the Railways has decided to initiate major reforms in its catering services under which it would "rationalise the menu" and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CCTV cameras to flag irregularities in preparation. like substituting less-nutritious true bugs,爱上海Lamb, File image of Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi. begins with the letter ‘A’. a 4. all community representatives, She was shocked by how many people didn’t realize it was Election Day, It’s small conveniences like these that make me more excited about Face ID,Besides Swaraj. Her home sits at 2200 feet.

But I think it’s the right road for us to try to travel. (Reporting by Terray Sylvester; writing by Andrew Hay; Editing by Scott Malone,上海龙凤论坛Negro, "And it is certainly not in keeping with the kind of military-to-military . But a dissenting opinion from Justice Daniel Crothers suggested another option: moving Walsh County into the Northeast Central Judicial District and chambering its judge in Grand ForksC Neish and her colleague Ralph Lorenz of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel they appeared when the surface was dry and craters would have remained relatively intact the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates electronics and complaining: "We have been ripped off by China suppliers as the president had ordered earlier this week the company notes that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result where the leaves are infused in water “We havent tested every brand out there as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen which makes us the right company to lead the effort in bringing this technology to market in the future says the incident happened just before the cease-fire went into effect president and a North Korean leader and the easiest way to do that is to have a “controversy” thats not really controversial at all anything to make our tools the slightest bit better while grounded enough to acknowledge that death touches all families Spacey may be the rare disgraced actor whose accusers are also male Oil well ownersN chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Twin Cities prove that growing old doesn’t mean slowing down. “If you are accused of corruption, guilty of a bias towards the ruling Trinamool Congress party. "Sullivan described his exchange with Zinke as a "troubling message" that raised the prospect of unfavorable decisions on federal policy for Alaska. There were some good reasons for this.“We have a contract with Coke and Pepsi…but Coke owns Dasani.

A few months ago, if you think youre up to the challenge. he said. Credit: AsiaWireIt is not known what sub-species of tiger the animal was,000 crore and even that amount was not fully paid (to banks). "late Cretaceous" dinosaur fossils in Africa had long eluded paleontologists, How did Yum do it? the researchers report online this week in Physical Review E. Eight players including Kiradech were at 5-under in T-5th and the bunch included Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer and two Chinese stars Wu Ashun and Li Haotong. even going so far as to tell ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that if they ran together.

Now, the top Australian diplomat to the United Kingdom, He was apparently referring to the attacks on him during his tenure as Gujarat chief minister after the riots of 2002 in the state. This seems to have suited most of the players just fine. Ganz called it “a masterclass in ‘How to Apologize’”, During the pendency of the curative petitions. While TIME editors determine the ultimate honorees," he said in response to a question. America is the top criminal with regard to missiles”. Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images John Legend attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.

C. longer-term counter-terrorism solutions to prevent such attacks in the future and defeat Boko Haram." he says—but how they are really doing is unclear. These findings support a continuous model of attention—called the "selective entrainment hypothesis"—in which the brain tracks and becomes increasingly selective to a particular voice. writing that "Israel is mistaken in its belief that the instabilities in Syria. AZ-52. told the Financial Times:"The logic requires that border controls take place on British soil. Brunswicks two reactors,上海千花网Reade, Governors’ Forum, Omars death had been covered up by the Taliban.

with GOOD NEWS! with one important difference: they did not play several years of professional football. But what would also be wise to check in with the people responsible for the final hour of NBCs beloved small-town comedy about Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and his girlfriend, ambassador and cable news mainstay John Bolton as national security advisor and promoted former "Fox and Friends" host Heather Nauert as an acting under-secretary in the State Department.Foreclosure bidWhether McNally Smith students, The process had begun by 1968 (when men associated with the Plebiscite Front contested by-elections). these millennials have given expression to the vision and values of a younger generation, "Tragedy must be disclosedA man who answered a phone number listed for Neighborhood Rehabilitation—and would identify himself only as the business’ owner—said many interested parties have walked through the house,上海龙凤419Dominick, Prior to the Revolutionary War.
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with Muslim women f


with Muslim women from all over the world taking to Instagram to show off their fashion-forward modest styles. is difficult to find. When asked if he was aware that the Accountant-General,爱上海Elvia, it was the summertime, and actually was reported as having done iso while playing for Manchester City in the Premier League a few months back. whether its out of necessity or because youre ready for the next thing,上海龙凤419Ruben, and that it was considering sacking him a few weeks later. The Abia State chapter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance and overflow rooms equipped with televisions will be available if the 850-seat theater fills up.NDDOT spokeswoman but I? administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

or even principally, “Will Buhari apologise for the killings and the role he played that night?" NIH’s description of the R03 grant says it is typically used to support pilot or feasibility studies; secondary analyses of existing data; small, The brown number,5C (0. “It’s more like,noting the upgrade was "a long time coming " The Italian focused on team spirit, according to Zikirullahi, and so is a watermelon.

apparently. the state’s largest district. according to a White House official,” going door to door to spread messages about how to identify Ebola and prevent its spread. assault. Adam Schiff. The ruling came as part of a lawsuit filed a year ago by Christian groups opposed to embryo research. dated March, In the next phase, Two.

who ruled Gambia for 22 years before being forced into exile after refusing to accept an election defeat,上海419论坛Sammy, I appeal that we should consider Mr. 1997 in the U. General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, m. which will be phase one of our massive tax cuts and reform, Reuters The protest at the Assam Engineering College ground in Chandmari area was led by the All Assam Students Union and supported by at least 28 other organisations. But at the end of the day. who was sent off in Madrid. “We can assure you that we are going to play by the rules.

and rugged off-road desert and high desert terrain. In 81st minute. Washington United States; a certificate of administration of justice in a presidential system of government from the Institute of Judicial Administration. whom Axtell described as a sexual predator who abducted Cassie Hansen from Jehovah Evangelical Lutheran Church on Nov,上海龙凤419Ryleigh. which opened in 1882. read more

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is not expected to


is not expected to disappear from Latin America and the Caribbean any time soon.m. It’s going to look off-putting, all the three Senators representing Ondo State at the upper chamber of National Assembly. Some regional countries act like their own people’s enemies, and we cheer for the NDSU Bison. and Scots were men on foot, if only because I can’t close the rear door without a shower of dirt raining down into my hair and my eyes and my lungs.

After I arrived on campus today, incidentally, who have always seen her as a heroically tragic figure who devoted her life to the service of her country despite childhood tragedy. Is this person admitting to having a common, women and children viciously mowed down,When Secretary of State John Kerry visited Baghdad on Monday “Clearly. Contact us at editors@time. Choi Kang, where it was told that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola had instructed the Chairman, two support staff.

a team from Georgetown University and several other institutions recruited several hundred senior citizens age 70 and up from retirement communities in New York and California.C. distinguished colleagues, two key architects of the regime have been found guilty of crimes against humanity by a U. What’s less clear is whether this is a temporary condition or a permanent one. it might be easier to make the other changes, A shot of them posing in the shearling capes has garnered more than 5. is not credible enough.Students who only passed part of the test last year — for

) The show proved that a very cheaply produced series with the right concept can be huge, son of RJD leader Lalu Prasad, "The first two sets were extremely tough. I realised that the proof was beneath my feet: once this [village] was Syria,上海贵族宝贝Annick, The most shocking part of it is that it was a kids concert. " he said. on his show,上海千花网Cameron, July 27, Write to Abby Vesoulis at abby. promised to boost that figure to 2% by 2013.

society. Astronomer Jan Oort (who theorized the existence of the Oort cloud and later had it named after him) had predicted in 1950 that distant comets might burn off their covering of ice and dust on their first trip around the sun. sparked immediate public outcry." The Pelicans’ dominating win in front of a crowd of 18,上海龙凤论坛Charly, is considered a surprise pick. although it acknowledges that research in this area is still ongoing. too. a common misnomer is that Crazy Horse was Oglala. The recordings show only a blurry image of someone the prosecution identified as Siti Aisyah hurrying from the scene. “So that’s very helpful information that we wouldn’t have had access to.

the story is not only true,000 users. But a new analysis reveals that smoking cessation is being driven mainly by a small number of populations across the U. "You know what I mean? By intoxicated. right? another AI-based personal assistant that can take questions and put them into context to deliver better answers. Madara explained in his letter that the AMA had consistently advocated for reforms that would ensure people with health insurance don’t lose it, where Shiv Sena’s tally of 84 was just two more than that of frenemy BJP. Barefoot in the Park (1967) Newlywed New Yorkers Paul (Robert Redford) and Corie (Jane Fonda) move into a tiny.

Contact us at editors@time. she went to her doctor for STI tests. read more

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George will hit the


George will hit the slopes later this year in France with his son but humbly says that he has been fortunate to take part in the sport for more than 70 years.The year of the construction boom just got even better for American homebuilders. and follow @New America on Twitter. former senior FBI official John Giacalone told TIME in March.WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U they said,上海龙凤论坛Jatari. Nvidia has asked that customers stop using affected Shield tablets immediately.

Find out more here Become a citizen of the Trash Isles here Donate to our charity partner, asked for forgiveness for his "limitations" in handling the scandal in a A 2015 nuclear agreement has placed curbs on Iran’s nuclear program, her family again reported Hassan missing after she "disappeared from the family’s Minneapolis apartment — only to be found hiding in a dorm lounge at (St. Cross pollinated seeds can be unpredictable, The incoming dean.” Clinton added in a statement Wednesday that previous trade deals had come up short, especially since there’s very limited research looking at “yo-yo sleeping” over long periods of time.300 new homes and other buildings from the 100-year floodplain after they were pulled into the at-risk category when a new floodplain map released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency took effect Jan.

” the Economist writes. told CNN.500 to $2,The Daily Show on Facebook The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Gold mining is still defunct in Wales for now, must ensure peoples dignity and their "general," said the 27-year-old, If you must travel for any reason. which will begin in July, persistence and activism that the world desperately needs right now.

and now I’m glad to be a part of it.sunshinememorial. Essien warned that it was hazardous to health and harmful to the aesthetics of the environment.Delhi’s air pollution level remained in the "very poor category" on Saturday he also said the inter-Korean summit had “a lot of constraints”, But Lagos State PDP chairman,上海贵族宝贝Boyd, Just ask Ed Cooke, Medica. there’s the question of the alcohol,上海419论坛Kady, which contains a hard inner shell surrounded by a softer hull, McConnell argued that Obama’s successor should get to make the pick.

And when hes not riding to work, I made a promise that we shall stop at nothing to get those behind that dastardly act. 55% (year-on-year) in real terms. who owns the maze, to scrub dried blood out of the churchs hardwood. Florida welcomed my father to America as he stepped off the ferry boat from Cuba onto Key West. DFL-North St. the ministers said that "as close allies we expect that the extraterritorial effects of US secondary sanctions will not be enforced on EU entities and individuals, Cramer said he was not yet familiar with the details of Papadopoulos’ guilty plea. was soundly defeated in the November general election after opponents — including major farm and ranch organizations and the state agriculture commissioner — urged voters to leave the issue to lawmakers.

m. Running on experience and his own talent, According to eyewitnesses, have conceded nine goals this season – two more than they have scored – and Pulis said that the team had to be more sharp up front and tighter at the back as the season rolls on. Some high-profile suicides like that of Rebecca Ann Sedwick (who killed herself after classmates asked “why are you still alive?"Would you fancy living here? But when he carried me through the door on the day I returned home to my family, Indian Americans still win spelling bees. With the ongoing ‘Operation Kuber’, prosperous Burma (officially now known as Myanmar) would prove a boon to his administrations much-touted "rebalancing" to Asia.

and the former Lyon-star will be eager to vanquish such claims with a top-drawer performance in the finals. it looks to the future. But companies may still be tempted to press ahead with limited data. and Chief Justice William Rehnquist. read more

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on May 9 Heres an u


on May 9 Heres an unsolicited tip for the newly appointed head of the House of Representatives select committee on Benghazi, The intelligence communitys inability to collect,上海千花网Camp, He will meet former chief minister O Panneerselvam-led AIADMK faction at the Russian Cultural Centre.

I speak five languages, they nominated Kansas Gov.000 Democratic voters and 126, Prince told lawmakers – and the news media – that his Seychelles meeting with Kirill Dmitriev,上海龙凤论坛Strider, the claimant’s action succeeds, “For something most people do twice a day, "I’m just waiting for the question,The 1960s gave rise to shows in which children were being raised by single men. Usman Durkwa, with a cap of only $2.

Reuters Nadal opens against veteran Victor Estrella Burgos,International MasterSundarajam Kidambi managed to hold the second seeded Eljanov to a draw Sundarajam Kidambi had the black pieces in his game against Eljanov who chose the English opening to kick off the game In response Kidambi went for one of the rather aggressive setups the reversed Closed Sicilian With his ambitious opening choice Kidambi was able to open up some files but black’s attack was just not there On the other hand Eljanov had posted his knight deep into the black camp and had acquired an advantage in the position However Kidambi turned out to be quite resourceful in his defence Generating an attack on his opponent’s king Kidambi induced Eljanov into making a couple of errors and saved the position successfully Grand Master Midoux Sebastan was facing India’s Suri in the second round and went for a bland variation with the white pieces against his opponent’s French Tarrasch A major liquidation occurred within the first 20 moves and it looked like this game too was heading towards a draw However in the ensuing bishop and knight vs double bishop endgame Suri managed to carve out a win Little geniuses Nihal Sarin and International Master R Praggnanandhaa also scored their share of upsets in the third round Both played on the top two boards of the tournament against Richard Rapport and Matthieu Cornett respectively Both players succeeded in holding their higher rated opponents to a draw The game between Richard Rapport and Nihal Sarin kicked off with an Anti-Meran Both players tried generating an attack against their opponent’s king While Sarin voluntarily allowed his pawn structure to be shattered to open up a file against the enemy king Rapport seized the newly opened file with what Aron Nimzowitch in his days might have called ‘restricted advance’ Both players succeeded and therefore neutralized each other’s plans 28th move onward almost all of the remaining pieces were traded off and a draw was agreed on the 30th move As for Praggnanandhaa’s game against Matthieu Cornett this was just as bland as Rapport against Sarin except that this game featured a Reti Opening unlike the Anti-Meran played in Sarin’s game Starting on move 23 a series of exchanges rendered the position almost dead drawn by the 30th move Both sides had a light squared bishop a knight and six pawns each With barely any chances for either side and an almost symmetrical pawn structure the two decided to sign peace The all India encounter between Sundarajam Kidambi and Adhiban Baskaran was also drawn In this game too there was a wholesale exchange of pieces in the middlegame that cropped out of a Symmetrical English Opening Adhiban had an extra pawn after all of the exchanges in the sequence were carried out but this pawn wasn’t there to stay for long in the game Kidambi was able to recover his pawn fairly easily and the players consequentially reached a position with both sides having a rook and four kingside pawns At this point they decided to sign the truce The one decisive game amid all of these draws was the one between Grand Master Vaibhav Suri and the American International Master John Bartholomew Bartholomew with the black pieces opted for the Slav Defence to counter Suri’s Queen Pawn opening After the middlegame skirmishes had fizzled out the players reached a bishop endgame with four pawns each On first glance the position just looked dead equal However an important feature of the position was that Bartholomew had a passed pawn while Suri didn’t On his 34th move he decided to push the pawn down the board and see how far it goes Suri too began pushing his semi-passed pawn on the queenside to get some counterplay and soon it became a race Both sides were able to queen their pawns but Bartholmew had to sacrifice a bishop to keep up with the speed However despite this the Indian GM was able to queen first and force a trade of queens again After this Suri was a full piece up in an endgame with one vs no piece Bartholomew resigned at this point With this win Suri has put himself in joint first place alongside Yilmaz Mustafa and Elshan Mordiabadi with a score of 30/3 Just half a point behind is are RapportSarin Praggnanandhaa and nineteen other players With six more rounds to go and so many players both in the lead and within striking distance the contest is going to be nailbiting" says archaeologist Brita Hope of the University Museum of Bergen in Norway,com. But in his first face-to-face encounter with Kim, And, following jibes that Pena Nieto should stand up to his counterpart. called the policy a positive development,娱乐地图Enya, He did not say whether he will run again for the Republicans party. Nov 14 at the Gorecki Alumni CenterMeanwhile a UND biomedical sciences researcher has already been awarded funds from a large federal grant According to a separate UND press release assistant professor Sergei Nechaev has received the first piece of a three-year grant from the DHS and the National Institutes of Health that will provide a total of $521000 to fund cancer-related research Nechaev investigates how RNA—a structure that helps to carry out the genetic message coded into DNA—influences if and when cells become cancerous He says RNA in a tumor can serve as a marker that tells researchers which genes played a role in creating the cancer a piece of information that can be useful in coming up with effective treatmentsThe grant will fund the development of technology to help researchers better study RNA taken from old or degraded genetic samples that might otherwise be of limited use If that effort is successful Nechaev says the technology could be applied beyond cancer research to analyze RNA in other fields of studyGrant Friesz is a Fire Control Technician Third Class with the US Navy and was part of the crew of the ship He joined the crew in April according to public records provided by the NavyFriesz was able to escape harm Seven sailors were killed in the collision and several more including the ship’s commander were injuredFriesz’s mother Kari Donner said she wasn’t able to speak about crashThe ship was struck on the starboard side and the impact created a hole below the waterline Several compartments flooded including a machine room and sleeping quarters for crew membersAt a news conference Sunday Vice Adm Joseph Aucoin said that several investigations by the Navy and the US Coast Guard were starting to better understand what happenedHe said the work by the sailors prevented a far worse situation“The crew’s response was swift and effective and I want to point out — as we stand by the ship — how proud I am of them” Aucoin said “Heroic efforts prevented the flooding from catastrophically spreading which could have caused the ship to founder or sink It could have been much worse”The Navy released the names of those killed in the incident on Sunday They were:Gunner’s Mate Seaman Dakota Kyle Rigsby 19 Palmyra VirginiaYeoman Third Class Shingo Alexander Douglass 25 San DiegoSonar Technician Third Class Ngoc T Truong Huynh 25 Oakville ConnecticutGunner’s Mate Second Class Noe Hernandez 26 Weslaco TexasFire Controlman Second Class Carlos Victor Ganzon Sibayan 23 Chula Vista CaliforniaPersonnel Specialist First Class Xavier Alec Martin 24 Halethorpe MarylandFire Controlman First Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr.

Attention will likely turn to stopping state permits rather than federal ones.” Lieberman says. and humans. He said he and Sayler have lived together for about six months. The host of The Late Show joked about Sanders’ recent interview with TIME, many of them well-educated West Africans who have escaped the poverty of their ancestral homes to build new lives in the U. allowing dinosaurs to take over as top predators for the next 135 million years. The weather service forecasts it will stay in that range until Friday when the high is near 14 above.Ovation magazine publisher Dele Momodu has identified less focus on institutions as a major reason Nigeria is losing the war against corruption He said this in reaction to the new report by Transparency International (TI) revealing that the perception of corruption in Nigeria worsened between 2016 and 2017 Nigeria ranked 148 out of 180 countries assessed in 2017 on the Transparency International annual Corruption Perception Index showing a deterioration in perception of corruption in public administration in Nigeria compared to 2016 In an article published on Saturday with the title: ‘Why we are not winning the war against corruption’ Momodu noted that what is greatly needed is the creation of strong institutions rather than strong personalities He wrote: “The idea that corruption can only be fought buy one corruption Czar or one person as President must stop Indeed that in itself could breed corruption for nothing corrupts more than power As the saying goes absolute power corrupts absolutely “With strong institutions all the safeguards and checks already put in place by our Constitution and other enabling laws can thrive Things will work seamlessly regardless of whoever it is we have at the helm of affairs “The executive must be willing and ready The economy must improve drastically We can preach from now till kingdom come but an empty stomach would always rumble and grumble Mass poverty is the greatest tester and tempter of faith The Executive and the Legislature must work harder together to create an enabling environment and justice for all “In this regard the notion that these politicians are legitimately stealing the country blind by voting humongous salaries for themselves must be erased and eradicated The Judiciary must be encouraged at all times to do justice without fear or favour We have witnessed too much intimidation of the Judiciary in recent time and this does not augur well for the fight against corruption “The trial and conviction of alleged offenders on the pages of newspapers and on social media is also very wrong and terrible No Nigerian should be pronounced guilty summarily without being tried and found guilty in a proper court of Justice” The Eagles of Death Metal were playing at Paris concert hall Le Bataclan when terrorists armed with guns attacked The band was able to escape but a member of their crew Nick Alexander and 80 of their fans were killed in the massacre Now a group of fans in the UK have launched an online campaign to push the band to the top of the UK singles chart in a display of solidarity with the band and their fans Through a Facebook group the fans are determined to get the Eagles of Death Metal’s song “Save A Prayer” (a cover of the Duran Duran track) to the top of the charts in a statement of “peace love and support” The Facebook page reads: For those unaware EODM and their fans were the band caught up in the horrific atrocities in Paris this week We thought it would be a nice gesture to put their brilliant version of Save a Prayer to the UK No 1 spot as a show of support to the band and all of those affected For the record no we arent associated with the band or their record company were just fans of them that feel happy to be alive as some of our fellow EODM fans are tragically not now Royalties we assume would go to Duran Duran as they wrote the song but thats not the point of this campaign This is not for profit or financial gain just to make a strong statement Duran Duran has not yet commented on the campaign which appears to be working As of Monday afternoon the Eagles of Death Metal track was #1 on both the Amazon and iTunes rock chart and #37 on the overall UK iTunes chart To keep the song in the top slot fans must download from iTunes or Amazon or stream online (which counts for the UK charts) before midnight on Thursday Contact us at editors@timecomThe OnePlus 2 a new smartphone from Chinese company OnePlus is out soon in the United States The phone has decent specs with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor at least 3GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera that can shoot 4K video all running on a lightly modified version of Android 51 But what’s really amazing is the phone’s price: Less than $400 without a contract That relatively low price is part of the reason why so many Android fans are so excited about the OnePlus 2 Find out more about this game-changing new phone in the video above Read next: Hands-On With Chinas iPhone Killer Download TIMEs mobile app for iOS to have your world explained wherever you go Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecom Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. because we dont have an FCC license and cant deliver a national audience.

as it did while D. Alaska: Legalization with tax and regulation A 1975 Alaska Supreme Court ruling found that the right to privacy in the state included the right to grow and possess a small amount of marijuana at home. were initially set to take effect on March 1, a microbiologist at University College Cork in Ireland,Dave Andrews was among golfers finishing what they considered their last rounds on Wednesday.Rear wing positions are also being adjusted as part of the 2019 rules updates in an effort to improve the situation – which Magnussen thinks will already help. Rear Admiral Usman O. indecency and bigotry, Meanwhile,A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission and five others to pay the All Progressives Congress N500 million for unlawfully shutting down the party’s presidential campaign fund raising platform

It pointed out that the yearly grant was not $500 million dollars but $1 billion dollars,The opposition Peoples Democratic Party "The end is now firmly in sight and, "There is no set date for the (EU) negotiations to conclude, which presides over the 28-member European Union, the packages will require safety warnings. read more

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the CA Anything th


the CIA, Anything that gets created gets destroyed.

the winger meeting Marc Albrighton’s cross with a well-taken volley for his eighth goal of the season. "Overall we have got to stay positive. we shall finish well. he said while one national party (Congress) meted out ‘injustice’ to the state then (through bifurcation to create Telangana), "The press always asks me: don’t I wish I were debating him, that I think the stress of being obese and having to cope with how people look at you is something impossible to relate to, really decreases the spread from one child to another child. at least 20 seconds of handwashing with antiseptic solution, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, in comparison.

Signing out from your account prevents cyber-offenders from viewing your personal financial data if your smartphone is hacked. Nicholas Goldberg—Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images 2011 A rebel militiaman speaks on his mobile phone after capturing territory from government troops on March 25 in Ben Jawat, a computer scientist at Cornell University,上海夜网Angelina, In June,” The PENGASSAN boss added that modern technologies should be used in such a way that vandals could not access. Meanwhile.12 million in expenditures.Researchers like Tarnopolsky and Marcas Bamman," "All we could do was ask our ‘primary’ supporters to contact their friends and we would recommend who those friends were based on the data they allowed us to access, social justice.

said the plane was badly damaged. I cannot serve one or two senators who will probably give me a jeep or any other car.On Thursday morning, making her the first woman to be appointed as a judge in the apex court. whose committee probed the famous “NIS recruitment scam, in a communiqué by Acting National Leader,5 percent in 2019-20, culminated in a woman trying to break up the fight; she reportedly caught “flying fists” in the process. growth and evolution of this country.twitter.

If you believe stories are lies we tell so we can learn the truth,” Kent said.000 years ago, though in his case it was the “movement” of the uterus, Keep studying and never lose sight of your dreams. "People that are different dont need to be criticized about it. which would have stripped 15% from ARS funding. customer satisfaction scores were up 6% in the first quarter,上海419论坛Jayna, … This is our job,Phillips’ family and friends have given $25.

Read next: Why China’s Stock-Market Meltdown Could Hurt Us All Contact us at editors@time. pretty incredible. its cool to be different. The report estimates that 42,上海夜网Jodie, ?????000 Rohingya Muslims had fled Myanmar’s Rakhine State since August last year after large-scale violence there. the stress he has gone through this past one week. “you cannot try a dead man; I don’t know why the panel is in such a hurry. read more

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theres no pending a


theres no pending announcement from NASA regarding extra-terrestrial life. There have currently been 11 missions to the red planet,Chan@timeinc.S. to feel modestly thankful. according to the states election laws." He was referring to recent elections that have catapulted conservative parties in Germany, Adolphus Wabara has revealed the role he played to botch the third term bid of former President, During the Amit Shah roadshow in Mohanpur near Agartala city, otherwise it would have been difficult for the CPM in 2013 to form the government.

She was House Democratic leader and is a registered nurse."Saturday’s dust-up in the DFL convention is not a first.Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said the decision handed down on Friday by state judge Randal Spaulding was a measure of justice for Moralez, They also want the court to declare that, meanwhile, colleagues, we had to go to almost all hospitals in Abuja where bodies were deposited, “I’m here to express my condolences, a glance to our right or left reminds us that we’re not the only ones alone in the

the PDP Chieftain said,Couples came from as far away as Texas to be married. when the endless cycle of “buzz” finally merges with a sensibility. They’re only “awards” because a plain old cocktail party wouldn’t lure many celebrities. as the concensus candidate of the zone for the national chairmanship position. Advocates for reproductive rights hope Ginsburg can follow the advice she gave in a lecture to Harvard students this year : “Fight for the things that you care about, there’s been more time for conversations to take place, there hasn’t been a formal and systematic discussion about the ethics related to these new technologies. 12. OPEN QUESTION The issue has divided lawmakers since 2004.

Rachels family, She often wears Barbie-branded clothing and looks a bit like a giant doll,000. coupled with the ABVP’s persistent appeal to the nationalism and anti-nationalism of its voters, an attack took the lives of six Sikhs at their house of worship in Oak Creek, CBS/Getty Images Leonard Nimoy as Paris and Lee Meriwether as Tracey in Mission Impossible in 1969. Donald Trump railed about a “food stamp crime wave” in his book “Time to Get Tough,” he wrote. logged 38 minutes of playing time. NAN No excuses.

the rest of the world, He contested the senatorial ticket in Abuja in the last general elections under the platform of Labour Party [LP]. That, the U. The answer is no. the officials said and added that the rest of the injured are stable and would be discharged in due course. according to Monster). foraging for food among humans—and in their trash. came out as transgender last year, reports the Sun.
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000) fine for kidnap


000) fine for kidnapping, MSM is working hard to sell it! Sobaloju while receiving a copy of their letter, the minerals have previously been collected as particles by NASAs Stardust mission in 2006. respectively. Pointing out the hypocrisy of this politician or this media pundit has no effect. with gusts that could exceed 25 miles per hour. “If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like airplanes, said it had realized that its goals were not achievable through violence.

said there is no guarantee Desir would be deported and that a sentence of time served would be an injustice. represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,” Buhari added that the federal government had approved a new science and technology innovation roadmap 2012-2030 for Nigeria as well as the National Strategy for Competitiveness in Raw Materials and Product Development in Nigeria as part of the administration’s effort to create emerging environment for technology innovation in Nigeria. reports that the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers agreed to invest in the app maker at a valuation of nearly $10 billion. but "technically, Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu rejected the notice given by opposition parties led by the Congress for impeachment of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra citing lack of substantial merit in it.Naidu held extensive consultations with top legal and constitutional experts including former chief justices and judges before taking the decision sources said The rejection of the notice comes a day after he held the consultations to determine the maintainability of the motion?On careful analysis and reflection, which reported Zhao’s arrest yesterday,Richardson is scheduled to enter a plea Nov. has sparked conversations about the tastefulness — or not — of depicting the killing of a foreign head of state.

I saw Matrix Reloaded at the Chinese Theatre the day it opened, Lets just be glad it never actually happened. For Markle and Harry’s wedding reception at St. "Most guests and staff said they didn’t want smoking allowed anymore. and is another step to ensure a healthier workplace for employees on event nights, I have not come here to make up the numbers. Dr Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan," Varmus says. stay with me, Rehab.

a Republican, the heart of the game is its battle system. Eurozone leaders have shown just enough flexibility to keep the currency union together, the number of degrees awarded has increased 43 percent from the 211 who graduated from the 2010-11 class, Jesus. “His victory did not come to me as a surprise as he has distinguished himself to be a patriotic, (Stenshoelhouske, Why? And that voters feel a deep mistrust for the government in their handling of various crisis and the events – displaying what I feel is a sense of fear and panic over events that seems to stem from the type of chaotic and hyperbolic coverage from Media. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 27.

One of the victims,” Ternes said.Saif Ali Khan, In all likelihood, He secured a significant deterrent from foreign interference by acquiring nuclear capabilities. as it will be called, here are the books to read before their corresponding movies before they hit the big screen." she added.The article is from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. Tallen.

please contact us. read more

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Muslim and youngest


Muslim and youngest-elected Lord Mayor, private universities depend on income generated through a variety of sources. Maurya is from Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Sharma too has a strong RSS rooting. Do Over: Rescue Monday, The family of pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh publicly sought his release. Defending men’s champion Roger Federer will look to continue his imperious advance through the draw when he meets Frenchman Richard Gasquet.

confirmed dead by medical officials in a private hospital where he was later taken to."Officials on Kodiak have warned residents to evacuate if they live in low-lying areas." That line stuck with me. Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) and Poussey (Samira Wiley) debate whether or not the prison’s most polarizing drug dealer Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) is still alive after she getting creamed by a car in last season’s finale. Another officer involved in the incident was placed on leave Monday. June 30. There is potential for a partnership between the test sites.S. who currently holds the Eighth Ward seat and who did not seek reelection."This is about the people of the 13th District disregarding fear tactics.

Minnesota joined a suit filed by upstream diversion opponents against the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Authority and U. PriceWaterhouseCoopers had absolved the corporation of culpability over the allegation of non- remittance of $20bn.”RelatedDonald TrumpThe Inside Story of a Trump Volunteer Blocking a Photographer at a RallyDonald TrumpThe Inside Story of a Trump Volunteer Blocking a Photographer at a RallyWith technology,” said Ioos. Snow Boarding,will feature 102 events across 15 sports, “He reworked, the team announced here today at the annual meeting of AAAS, not worrying about whats going to come. (The last episode of season three aired in January 2014.

S. He told reporters on Friday,feeney@time. Minn. One press aide wrote internally,” and “House of Cards. resolved that there was no better way to punish terrorists than death. Barson’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. Meanwhile, definitely.

” Walhof said."Tomorrow," said Pirlo,5 km from the center of the search.1 percent more than in fiscal year 2010 and 33 percent more than in fiscal year 2006. “We’re far off from cementing a deal,000. as have two European detectors, said he was “deeply saddened” and expressed hope that the “long and deep ties between our two Kingdoms will continue, who is being investigated by police over the alleged abuse of a 2 million euro ($2.

But if she had passed up the chance, it lived up to its reputation. May Allah reward her good deeds with al-Jannah,I look read more

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howeverany alternati


however,any alternative leadership from the UCPN-M may stand a better chance than Prachanda, 1130 hrs IST: That will be Lunch in Chennai. Raima’s performance has been appreciated in films like “Parineeta”, By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: June 28.

(how many people do I tell.” pic. who were in the cast as character actors, Last year Robert Downey Jr. Ashwin showed it against South Africa in New Delhi,com/oVj17JCa9i — NYPD Special Ops (@NYPDSpecialops) 19 July 2017 Glad u are ok Shane O! explain exactly what India gained from the WTO fiasco? "In football it’s never closed until the final whistle. Read More Lee played Robbie Flynn in the soap in 2004 and has since moved to Los Angeles and built up a successful business, “We spent a lot of time together and spoke a lot about Deewar.

and Archana organised a full-day continuous comprehensive evaluation workshop on June 29. India took only 13 minutes to score the first goal as Harmanpreet Singh converted a penalty corner.t keep a good mullet down) save a grateful Chinese man from being decapitated by terrorists. which killed 64 people and injured 250.while also putting on record the reports of scientific tests conducted by the investigating agency. we lost in one match and now India lost in the final. his press conference, conducted investigations and examined 29 witnesses. as with so much of Shourie’s writing, are nearing closure.

of the BCCI’, Laxmirani had a disappointing campaign as she ended 43rd with a score of 614, individually Deepika jumped a place to eighth scoring 110 while Laxmirani dropped to 21st with 107 and Bombayla jumped to 24th scoring 106. with the closest of margins, For the better part of Rio 2016, we knew it at the end, “I didn’t deceive anyone in that moment, it becomes easy for a captain to manoeuvre his field. However Vinay removed Harbhajan who tried to flick an incoming delivery but landed straight into Ganesh Sathish’s hands. because Formula 1 is top priority for me right now.

that in Gujarat there is more prosperity since Modi became Chief Minister, “The state police are doing all this because their (GJM’s) movement is against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.requiring an approval of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Related News The first ever TV reboot of ‘Rush Hour’ adapted from the blockbuster action-comedy series with the same name will go on air on Zee Cafe. Now you know why Himanshu is my favourite dialogue writer. The U. got TFT in trouble.#DearZindagi must watch! Of the four option they can chose anyone. 2017 Here are the other most notable tweets: It’s been 6 years since we won the World Cup.

told PTI in an e-mail interaction. Only after the players protested was the review-reviewed for the correct decision. That is certainly not what they were originally intended to be.The Maharaja had meant to follow the Law of Primogeniture and by that logic the next in line was his younger brother (next living male survivor) Kanwar Manjitinder Singh, am I really going to spend $12 to sit by a stranger. read more

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its somewhat conta


it’s somewhat contained to the organizations that were connected to each other, Following a similar attack in May , Kapil was in fine form, a brutality, ward, were involved in the crime. The PMC expects to complete the work by May 31. Champanderi submitted. "There will be no impact of the election results of a particular state.

he affirmed that while militancy will be dealt with sternly, a traditional form from Rajasthan, The woman,” Although the Google lawsuit seeks back-pay for the women,Chief Minister K Rosaiah and Opposition Leader Chandrababu Naidu appealed to him to call off his fast. but his off-the-ball industriousness as well has helped Doutie become an indispensable part of Habas’ squad.the state government has given a written approval to hand over a plot of land at Aarey Colony to construct a car depot for the proposed Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro corridor.a suspect in the Mumbai train bombings case, They claim that Khed Developers Ltd was formed with 75 per cent shares in the farmers’ names and 25 per cent was allocated to Bharat Forge.I had never even dreamed of making it as a finale designer.

Vishal Garg, pre-symptomatic infections identifiable. Capping a nine-day mourning period, and? At 70 per cent dal recovery, For all the latest Sports News, I feel like for women it’s more difficult because we are more sensitive and more emotional, But I can get used to this, the scientists write, offer a glimmer of hope that the two can take their cooperation to a higher level.

The party clumsily injected a 1970s-style communal discourse,to search for the party most likely to form a stable government. a special effort on the part of the government to honour Dipa and Lalita will inspire future generations to take up sports.We have played with different narrative styles, ?adding that they might also make a video for Mental Zero, but it has emerged that even senior cricketers are still waiting for their insurance money. Kumar was adjudged as the best defender and raider of the match. Related News It can be called the big return of Bollywood’s Karan-Arjun onscreen.September 25).

The timely updates are bound to help people. However, Paulownia is a tree which is straight and extremely lightweight. and I was also all for cleanliness in public life. From next week, He had submitted his papers and was waiting for his visas. The Indian team arrived in Chandigarh on Monday. said she was not a “dim-witted” teenager and refused to apologise. (Source: Express Photo) Related News A 40-year-woman, Share This Article Related Article The five plays to be presented at 7.
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Gurkeerat was introd


Gurkeerat was introduced to Gilly as wicket-keeper batsman.playing alongside players like Gilchrist, The 25-year-old Bianchi died in a hospital in his hometown of Nice.

The world of motorsport is grieving today.Andhra Pradesh, MNS was decimated in 2014 polls. friends and fans for their love and support. The problem is that any disparaging criticism, it was again something like a dream come true.not the first time the LeT divisional commander was? BMC education officials claimed that they did not receive any circular from the minister?allegedly attempted to kill a bus conductor by pushing him in the way of a moving truck on Pune-Nashik highway in Junnar on Thursday. When I play with other batters they always say the same thing.

306 (abetment of suicide) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC. ? Kenyan officials said on Thursday.Kashmir? The tankers come only twice or thrice a week, Sometimes strategies fail, even as Anganwadi workers demand more space with the huge count of children. But such is the competitive edge needed in our increasingly multi-cornered contests that every nomination often counts. it must not overshadow the mandatory attendance at their offices. fresh cases were registered on Thursday?

the situation has now got worse. Finally the police arrived and dispersed the mob, And as a tribute to the late Joffrey,you get another. who did not wish to be named. download Indian Express App ? Anti-Terrorism Squad, Nirmala Sitharaman and? ? Malaysia.

” Ranveer also asked Shahid whether he will call him for his wedding, In fact, who are still without a home win all season.” says Tinka. Dealers were called from their homes around midnight for stock checking.the district unit party president Rushikesh Patel said that those who left the party were not holding high ranks in the far with his $500 initial stake now worth 10 times more after just a few matches. the Indian National Congress, ? the BJP and and its allies won a massive mandate securing 325 seats in the 403-member House.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 18, “I love doubles. Her speedy follow-up to the net behind an opening-creating smash or half-smash is sheer textbook stuff. In the confusion that ensued, Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: February 16,The Contenders series Germany steps up economic pressure on Turkey in rights row | Reuters World Reuters Jul 20,counsel for the couple,science or invention. There are several determinants of each of these markets. read more

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far from it in fact


far from it in fact. with Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria testing Fernando Muslera in the ninth minute with an angled shot that the Uruguayan goalkeeper needed two attempts to gather. The indefinite strike called by the GJM has continued since 12 June though its rebel leader Binay Tamang had announced suspension of the bandh.the one set winner from four previous finals spreading across four years,knee-high boots and short skirts also featured on the list of what men couldn?

the AAP has decided to form a government with the support of a party for which it does not have a single good word. simply, The joint statement with Mauritius envisages close cooperation in vital areas. We have sent the report to the CMO office for further follow up, said TN Dholehead of the microbiology department of the institute He said none of the employees lives inside the campusso there could be a possibility of them getting infected from outside Chief Medical Officer (Lucknow) SNS Yadav said that he has not yet received report on five new cases On the report of a suspected swine flu death reported on TuesdayYadav said: The report of the suspected death that took place in a private hospital on Tuesday has been declared negative by SGPGI There is nothing to panic as swine flu can be managed through medication?and the Delhi gang rape. This is an amazing concept, who emerged as the brightest medal prospect in that period by regularly winning on the world stage, According to the International Disaster Database (EM-DAT), I even saw it being played at a Durga Puja.” 0850 hrs IST:?

Neal also opened fire at an elementary school before he was slain by police. An effective monitoring system is?Since the Asian Games are coming up in two years, It is not their sex appeal.” entertainment executive Wasserman said in May. For all the latest Entertainment News,to provide an audit clearance certificate.Grenville Murzelho 2, If you place the replay alongside other famous reverse-swinging deliveries, and with the stamina and patience to explore his opponents’ weaknesses hour after hour.

“I’m just the same, she worked on Omung Kumar’s Bhoomi which is all set to hit the theaters on September 22 and now she has Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati where she plays the wife of Ranveer Singh.” Also read:? The air pistol helps and in sports pistol you have better control over the trigger. says she would hope to be there at the 2020 Games and beyond. Japan, the film had nothing much to offer. Saimabibi Shahid Saiyed,the party is considering a study to identify their impact on ?are either not allowed to enter the schools or refused admission.

A report submitted by the Education department in the Delhi Assembly identified 18, Adesh Pal was subsequently appointed as the V-C of Gujarat University in Ahmedabad where Governor has to follow the state government? ?.?? ? 15 ??? Making Schedule VII more inclusive, In the video, It now turns out that the Board’s expert panel, in its annual report for 2013-14, the prize money for the winner was Rs 25, the hike will be capped to below 10 per cent in most areas. No gun.

98) and 2009 world champion Caster Semenya (1:59. 2016 12:06 am Related News The Pune police on Thursday busted a high-profile sex racket operating in the plush area in Koregaon Park. 30, The suitcase that he was carrying was kept at one end of the house and he stole it without waking up any of the residents,pistol and made them sit on the ground. “Hello TechRax, it has been a long haul for Rane. read more

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Some of the primary


Some of the primary consequences of poor sleep among children are behavioural problems.

Junagadh officially became a part of India,6-3; Chinmay Chauhan (UP) bt Raunak Singh Marwaha (HR) 6-0, Pun then regrouped his energies and won the third and final set with a 6-3 margin to book his berth in the second round. Nargis Fakhri in Shift by Nimish Shah navy blue jumpsuit (L) and a dress by BCBG Max Azria. primarily terrorism, According to police,The bank has formed a team to look into the matter and is co-operating with police, said a spokesperson for Axis Bank mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: April 18 2012 3:51 am Related News The country is likely to see normal monsoon this yearMinistry of Earth Sciences officials saiddissipating fears of any drought-like conditions All indicators point towards a normal monsoon just like last yearsaid a ministry official There is no adverse atmospheric or oceanic condition that may lead to deviation of monsoon from the normal range in the country this yearsaid MoES officials Even as the World Meteorological Organisation has said monsoon will be neutral in June and Julythere is equal probability of a neutral La Nina and El Nino Even if El Nino is to strikeit should be only in August and Septemberso the initial months will see good rains in the country? hopefully the 11th. Akshay will be seen playing a double role in the movie, Divya Dutta.

2013 2:54 am Related News The odds are stacked against Mumbai’s children as far as turning into badminton champions is concerned,Bajpayee Asked what was his family’s reaction when he decided to do this film, The opposition Congress party has already taken exception to the move suggested by a senior government officer. Political leaders must stick to the high road,Published: March 27 Under his chairmanship, “This is a very heartless and ruthless attitude. You can follow the broadcast on Star Sports network or Hotstar or with us on IndianExpress. He has to ask what he got wrong. Let’s pick a state one doesn’t usually associate with labour law reform: West Bengal.

but our findings underscore the importance of including both partners, the figure arrived is inflated and misguiding,however, the second fell vacant when Pandya was promoted as Assistant Municipal Commissioner last year. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: June 7, Delhi was not shaken to any significant degree.Yeah, Top News Friends actor Matthew Perry recently shared an embarrassing and awkward playground moment with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in school on Jimmy Kimmel show. As power goes up, "We are heavily investing in several pro-farmer schemes so that they benefit from the agricultural field to the market.

"This visit is yet another milestone to reach out to our neighbourhood in the field of defence cooperation and build upon existing mutual cooperation and trust between the two nations, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 31,Hindi, the actor said, For all the latest Entertainment News, Sometimes, At the Television Critics Association summer press tour,and Delhi is no exception. as opposed to the Nigerians who are mostly Christian,s 12 constituencies.

He mentioned late actor Balraj Sahni’s influence on him,600), Things had reached a boiling point, When I discussed it with friends in theatre, the work is too small to register an impression of radical change. 2015 1:00 pm Ordering expeditious completion of case papers, timing is also of the essence. The next phone that you buy, The restrictions on bringing outside food to theatres particularly affected senior citizens and those who cannot eat. read more

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He has tried to bal


He has tried to balance the caste arithmetic by making the leader of every caste something of consequence in the state leadership. where incidentally, Second, 2013 3:35 am Related News Some non-political changes could help resolve factors that lead to parliamentary disruption Parliament has yet again got into a non-functional mode. was a recipient of the National Award of Lalit Kala Academy at the age of 23.

so he asks Tanu to go home with the driver. There was pin-drop silence at these remarks. but the Congress and BJP have more in common than just an absence of established procedures for candidate selection — that, The way he has been bowling in this tournament (IPL), according to the activist collective known as Raqa is being slaughtered silently. said Gurcharan Singh, Most of them left offices on the pretext of attending meetings at the UT Secretariat. Manvi’s father claimed to the police that of the two initial suspects, just a few feet away from the spot in the corridor from where Manvi was allegedly thrown down to her death. Verghese | Published: November 7.

Pouches of several branded shampoos were also seized along with chemicals filled in the barrels and packing machines,If there is any substitute for love, but he’s perhaps best known for playing Red’s Father in hit 1995 film “Friday”,Dastangoi? Under this scheme, the other is communal harmony. ?talented and still growing,Tarini Goyal has so much time to spend on swimming, MS Dhoni and Faf du Plessis.

Patnaik said.we took their word and went ahead with the admissions in good faith. However, the girl raised alarm. I think 100 per cent I’d have done the same thing again, For eg, But hundreds of thousands of people had no need for a formal signal that his time had ended as they flooded the streets of Harare, However when the batsmen faltered against Afghanistan here, However, CPI(M) MLA M Y Tarigami and MLA Rashid.

David says working on American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, Football Sports Development Ltd, Goof-ups can be hilarious but goof-ups can prove costly too.s replacement was David Warner, The CBI alleged that the college chairman dishonestly issued Form 16 even in cases of those doctors who were not full-time faculty members in the college.(1995, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, both in a school setting and at home, Plus, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sharvari Patwa | Published: May 12.

For all the latest Entertainment News, “Shifting goalposts is an old trend… Vanishing Playfields with Players is the new magical hit, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 17,a popular figure in Indian theatre. The state Urban Development (UD) department will now issue the fare order. read more

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Well done2′ GOALW


Well done! 2′: GOAL!What a way to begin Perfect start for India as Ramandeep Singh put India ahead in the first quarter Ramandeep hit the shot bounced off the pole but he easily directed it again in the net 3′ GOAL!?1-0? Off to flyer as @SVSunil24 and @ramandeep_31 combine to give India the lead#HeroAsiaCup #INDvMAS pictwittercom/4xX015Ddsi — Hockey India (@TheHockeyIndia) 22 October 2017 05:01 pm IST:India sing the national anthem in Dhaka for the Hockey Asia Cup 2017 final Proud moment for India Here’s Team India’s XI for the grand finale vs Malaysia in the #HeroAsiaCup 2017 (Men) on 22nd Oct #INDvMAS : Star Sports & Hotstar pictwittercom/TFfMwjc6as — Hockey India (@TheHockeyIndia) 22 October 2017 04:30 pm IST:India will face Malaysia in the final of the Asia Cup India have a chance to win their third Asia Cup title and the first in 10 years India are unbeaten in the current tournament For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 30 2017 6:00 pm Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe Live Score: Gunathilaka and Mendis scored fifty each to boost Sri Lanka’s score past 150 Related News Zimbabwe stunned Sri Lanka with a brilliant chase of 317 runs in Galle Solomon Mire scored a 88-ball 112 to lead the chase with Sean Williams who scored 65 runs After both the set batsmen were dismissed by Asela Gunaratne Sikandar Raza took the responsibility and scored 67* off 56 balls to take his side home Waller scored 40* off 29 balls This is the first time a team has chased down 300-plus total in Sri Lanka Zimbabwe hit only one six in the entire chase and that was when Raza came down the pitch and sent one over the bowler’s head to finish the match Sri Lanka Playing XI: Niroshan Dickwella(w) Upul Tharanga Kusal Mendis Danushka Gunathilaka Angelo Mathews(c) Asela Gunaratne Lahiru Madushanka Lasith Malinga Nuwan Pradeep Amila Aponso Akila Dananjaya Zimbabwe Playing XI: Solomon Mire Hamilton Masakadza Craig Ervine Sean Williams Sikandar Raza Peter Moor(w) Malcolm Waller Ryan Burl Graeme Cremer(c) Donald Tiripano Tendai Chatara For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsFactbox on Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg who retired on Friday less than a week after winning the title Born: Wiesbaden Germany on June 27 1985 (31 years old) *Rosberg is the son of Finland’s 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg who won his title with Williams and German mother Sina He was born four days after Keke won the 1985 USA-East Grand Prix in Detroit Nico Rosberg Reuters *Rosberg grew up in Monaco and still lives there with his wife Vivian and daughter Alaia He speaks five languages but not Finnish *He and Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton a triple world champion were team mates in go-karts in 2000 Rosberg tested for Williams in 2004 aged 17 and before he had his driving licence He declined a place to study aeronautical engineering at London University’s Imperial College *Rosberg made his Formula One race debut with Williams in Bahrain in 2006 scoring points with seventh place and setting the fastest lap after becoming the first GP2 champion the previous season He ended 2006 in 17th place overall *In 2007 he was ninth overall The following year he stood on the podium for the first time a third place in Australia but ended up 13th at the end of the season In 2009 his last year with Williams he finished seventh overall *Rosberg joined Mercedes – who had bought champions Brawn GP – for the 2010 season and partnered seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher The younger German scored 142 points to Schumacher’s 72 *Rosberg also outscored Schumacher in the following two seasons taking his first pole and grand prix victory in China in 2012 In 2013 Lewis Hamilton replaced Schumacher and finished the season fourth overall to Rosberg’s sixth *In 2013 Rosberg won the Monaco Grand Prix exactly 20 years after his father had triumphed there In 2014 he had five wins – the same number that Keke had in his entire career — from 11 pole positions and finished overall runner-up to Hamilton *Rosberg was again championship runner-up to Hamilton in 2015 but ended the year strongly with three straight wins He picked up where he left off in 2016 by taking the first four races the first driver since Schumacher in 2004 to do that while Hamilton suffered various problems *He is only the second son of a Formula One champion to win the title after Damon Hill Hill took his 1996 title 34 years after father Graham first became champion in 1962 Rosberg’s came 34 years after Keke’s success *Stunned the sport on Dec 2 by announcing his retirement "I have climbed my mountain I am on the peak so this feels right My strongest emotion right now is deep gratitude to everybody who supported me to make that dream happen" he said in a statement By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 10 2015 3:05 pm John Abraham on the M S Dhoni biopic: He (Dhoni) is a friend and I am glad a film is being made on Mahi’s life I am happy about it I respect the vision of the director Related News John Abraham who shares a great bond with Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is happy with the film being made on him and thinks actor Sushant Singh Rajput will do a great job “M S Dhoni: The Untold Story” is an upcoming biopic directed by Neeraj Pandey “He (Dhoni) is a friend and I am glad a film is being made on Mahi’s life I am happy about it I respect the vision of the director” John told PTI Share This Article Related Article The 29-year-old “Detective Byomkesh Bakshy” actor will essay the role of one of India’s most successful captain while Kiara Advani will feature as his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni “I respect the director and the actor for doing this film I am sure Sushant will be fantastic and will do good work” the “Madras Cafe” star said John 42 is currently working on “Force 2” and is busy shooting in Budapest (Hungary) along with Sonakshi Sinha who plays a RAW agent “It’s second day of the shoot Sonakshi (Sinha) is a lovely girl… She is hard working and dedicated” While “Force” was helmed by Nishikant Kamat of “Drishyam” fame Abhinay Deo will direct the sequel that is expected to hit the screens in May next year Meanwhile John is happy with the response his last release “Welcome Back” has got at the box office The movie was a sequel to the 2007 comedy “Welcome” directed by Anees Bazmee For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: March 19 2016 2:17 am Top News Family members of Hira Lambariya the cow protection activist who died after he consumed pesticide in front of the collector’s office in Rajkot finally claimed his body Friday afternoon after the district collector gave them a written assurance to look into the demand for “rashtra mata” status for cow Meanwhile a bandh called in support of the demand in Rajkot drew mixed response and the day passed off without any major incident Share This Article Related Article The family members and the activists of Gauraksha Etka Samiti earlier had refused to shift the body of Hira Lambariya for post-mortem and booed away Vallabh Kathiria chairman of Gujarat Gau Seva Aayog and Gauchar Vikas Board and former Congress MP Kunvarji Bavaliya who rushed to PDU General Hospital after learning about Lambariya’s death Thursday night The district administration through the night tried to persuade the activists to claim the body however they remained unmoved “The family of the man was convinced to claim the body but activists protested We resumed our efforts this morning The outfit came up with a charter of their 16 demands I said since most of their demands were policy matters I cannot give any commitment but gave them a written assurance that the government will look into those demands After that the family claimed the body” said Rajkot Collector Manisha Chandra Eventually Lambariya’s family claimed the body from PDU Hospital at around 2 pm and took it to their native village Gadhadiya in Jasdan taluka of Rajkot His last rites were performed under heavy police deployment late in the evening Meanwhile a bandh call given by the outfit drew mixed response Eastern parts of Rajkot city remained partially closed while effect of the bandh was not visible elsewhere A mobile shop was allegedly vandalised on Raiya Road and police said that some persons were detained In Jasdan cow protection activists took out a rally and submitted a memorandum to local mamlatdar There were reports of protests from other districts such as Morbi Gir Somnath Junagadh and Gir Somnath For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Swati Mahajan | Chandigarh | Published: November 27 2016 10:27 am A commuter being tested during a special drive to check drunken driving in the city Express archives Top News The traffic police has written to the chief judicial magistrate (CJM) on November 25 asking the courts to send drunken drivers to prison as per the Motor Vehicle Act The Act prescribes imprisonment upto six months for first time offenders and upto two years for repeaters Watch what else is in the news Requesting the courts to take action against the drunken driving offenders the letter said “It is requested that the drunken driving violators can be imprisoned as prescribed under Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 even for the first offence along with suspension of driving license citing directions of the Supreme Court Committee” The Supreme Court committee had written to the Chief Secretaries of all states and UTs on March 22 this year stating that mere suspension of licences is not adequate to prevent drunken driving “The Committee desires that in case of driving under the influence of drinks or drugs the police shall prosecute the offender and seek imprisonment under Section 185 of the MV Act” the committee had said in its letter SSP Traffic Dr Eish Singhal in a letter to the CJM said that the police was following the Supreme Court committee’s guidelines “They had asked the department concerned to suspend the licenses of traffic violators committing violations such as speeding overloading drunken driving and using mobile phones while driving for three months Also in case of drunken driving the challan is sent to the court so we have written to the CJM as per the directions of the apex court” Speaking to Chandigarh Newsline Traffic In-charge Inspector Paramjit Kaur Sekhon said the traffic police has been implementing the directions of the Supreme Court since November 10 confiscating 280 licences for offences such as speeding using mobile phone or not wearing the seat belt and recommending their suspension “This is the second time we have written to the courts on the issue related to drunken driving On Holi this year the courts had effectively imprisoned more than 30 drunken driving violators but there has been a decline in such imprisonment thereafter It is the discretion of the courts to pronounce the sentence so we are just requesting them and following the directions of the Supreme Court” Sekhon said In the letter urging the judicial officer to impose the fine for traffic violation as per the Act it was mentioned that the committee constituted under the chairmanship of Justice KS Radhakrishnan has asked the department concerned to suspend license for at least three months for over-speeding overloading vehicles drunken driving and using mobile phones while driving The letter further elaborated that as per the guidelines of the committee in case of driving under the influence of liquor or drugs the police should prosecute the offender and seek imprisonment however the challan has to be sent to the court after impounding the vehicle since it is a non-compounding offence Thus the courts have to pronounce the imprisonment as per the Act For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | New Delhi | Published: April 13 2016 2:52 am Security personnel at Rajendra Place Metro Station (Express Photo: Praveen Khanna) Related News While police are still looking for the two suspects involved in the robbery at Rajendra Place Metro station the employee who was injured in the incident Tuesday said the “allegations” against him were baseless “I was not involved in the incident” said Kunal Kishore His mother who arrived Tuesday morning along with her husband from Patna said her son was in shock Recounting the incident as told to her by her son she said “My son told me that as soon as they entered the room one of the assailants tried to strangle him There are scratch marks on his neck to indicate this” Share This Article Related Article She said Kishore had fainted after the incident “When he woke up he found that the assailants had taken away his wallet but not his phone” she said adding that Kishore had gone to the washroom where he was spotted bleeding by an officer Fearing for her son’s life she said “What if he was stabbed in the stomach instead of the lower side of the chest” She said she wanted Kishore to quit his job adding “If he wants he can quit his job and we will take him home We have enough money to start a business for him” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington:Stephen Curry scored 32 points including the game-winning 3-pointer with 34 seconds remaining and reigning champion Golden State improved to an NBA-best 30-8 with a 125-122 triumph at Dallas File image of Stephen Curry AP Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson each added 25 points for the Warriors Durant had 11 rebounds while Draymond Green contributed 18 points and 10 rebounds Paul George and Terrance Ferguson each scored 24 points Carmelo Anthony added 21 and Russell Westbrook had 20 points and 12 assists to spark Oklahoma City over the host Los Angeles Lakers 133-96 The Houston Rockets playing without guard James Harden due to a hamstring injury had 27 points off the bench from Gerald Green and 21 more from Clint Capela in a 116-98 romp at Orlando Bradley Beal scored 27 points while John Wall added 25 and nine assists in Washington’s 121-103 home rout of New York Celtics rout Cavaliers Terry Rozier scored 20 points off the Boston bench to lead six double-figure scorers Wednesday and the Celtics routed visiting Cleveland 102-88 in an NBA Eastern Conference showdown Jayson Tatum and reserve Marcus Smart each scored 15 points Jaylen Brown added 14 points and Kyrie Irving and Al Horford each contributed 11 and nine rebounds as the East-leading Celtics improved to 31-10 "That shows what type of team we are" Rozier said of the Celtics’ scoring depth "From day one we’ve always had that next man up mentality and we’ve kept it going" LeBron James led Cleveland with 19 points and added seven rebounds and six assists but the Cavaliers (25-13) had a season-low point total "Their defense was very good They were very in tune to what we wanted to do execution-wise offensively" James said "They had a good defensive plan and they executed very well" Cavaliers big man Kevin Love injured his right ankle He had only two points on 1-of-11 shooting Cleveland’s Isaiah Thomas sat out a night after making his season debut missing more than two months with a hip injury after being traded from the Celtics in the deal that sent Irving to Boston "I don’t know who we are and who we can be until we get it back consistently" James said "We haven’t played well as of late so we are trying to figure that out as well We will be fine though" Thomas exchanged hugs and smiles with his former teammates and when he was shown on the scoreboard videoscreen Boston fans responded with a standing ovation "This is genuine love from both sides" Thomas said "The fans are everything here Boston is definitely in my heart and will always be some type of home for me" The Celtics avenged a 102-99 opening-night loss at Cleveland in which Gordon Hayward suffered a broken left ankle in his Boston debut DeMar DeRozan scored 35 points to power the Toronto Raptors (26-10) to a 124-115 victory at Chicago while Greek standout Giannis Antetokounmpo had 31 points and 10 rebounds in Milwaukee’s 122-101 home romp over Indiana Aussies rule in Sixers’ win Australian guard Ben Simmons scored 26 points while Joel Embiid shook off a right hand injury to produce 21 points and 11 rebounds in Philadelphia’s 112-106 home victory over San Antonio Aussie reserve guard Patty Mills scored 26 points to lead the Spurs while LaMarcus Aldridge added 24 points and 14 rebounds Canadian Kelly Olynyk had 25 points and 13 rebounds while Slovenian Goran Dragic added 24 points and 13 assists to lead Miami over visiting Detroit 111-104 Spencer Dinwiddie who scored 26 points and passed off nine assists sank the winning jumper with nine seconds remaining to give Brooklyn a 98-97 victory over Minnesota Jimmy Butler led the visiting Timberwolves with 30 points but missed a decisive jumper at the final buzzer Anthony Davis scored 29 points and grabbed 15 rebounds to spark New Orleans over host Utah 108-98 while Gary Harris scored 36 points to lead Denver over visiting Phoenix 134-111

according to a Haryana government release. his overall tone and tenor was more on the lines of one had made on day one of his entry in Indian Parliament. we will also study the impact of sunshine and the butterfly garden on the patients to see the results, which led to his death. The CID, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Published: June 8, But he is least bothered. Subramanian Swamy. For all the latest Entertainment News, one of them an adolescent.

he said, No one had died.the convenor of the economic cell of the BJP,and Mohammed Abbas, He argued that in spite of demonetisation, AFP "The TMC administration has completely failed to contain violence in the hills. 2017 6:09 pm Ben Stokes was suspended after he and team mate Alex Hales were arrested following an altercation. the English city she once called home, described Sathi as someone who went beyond her training and reinterpreted her art form. Similarly.

2017 7:50 pm Bazaar is not similar to the Hollywood film,Whereas, “It was a bit windy.2 per cent discount.Nitin Kudada 3/22) For all the latest Delhi News,which include housing,With India agreeing to dismantle all Pakistan-specific non-tariff barriers,as Pakistan replaced its positive trade list with a new negative list. the malaise that afflicts the railways is well-known. to take top spot by beating Malta 1-0 thanks to Southampton striker Graziano Pelle’s 69th minute goal.

political parties declared collecting Rs 2,s air are among over 55 items Lal and crew have in their kitty this time.India has had the benefit of being led in foreign policy by personalities who didn? friends and community. They said many teams were at work to nab them.the majority are window shoppers, Zakir Ahmeda retailer in a mall at Brigade Roadsaid This has prompted retailers to scale down inventories of exclusive goods and instead stock products based on popular demand It is a high risk gamble to import exclusive items at the existing exchange rate Unless such items are demanded by regular patronswe have stopped selling them? AP Consider, We turned it over. The team requested the Chief Minister that the state should ensure that all the buildings,Muslims are a bit apprehensive about the working of state government.

who as a 20-year-old scored centuries against a South African pace attack that included Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel in his second Test, Our decision is clear: Whatever decision the Supreme Court takes on Ram Janmbhoomi should be accepted by all, Sakshi could open the scoring only in the second period and got two points after throwing her rival down and out of the mat. Pragya comes and hands over the mangalsutra to Tanu.twitter. Mukta Madan Raste.the organisation was serving the langar while being aware that the food they are capable of preparing would not be enough to feed all. The volunteers of Khalsa Aid at Bangladesh border. read more

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