The Dichotomy of Prudent Lending and Credit Availability


first_img Share July 8, 2014 700 Views The following is a print article featured in MReport’s July issue, out now.In the post-crisis era, lenders face the challenge of striking a delicate balance between judicious lending practices and access to financing for creditworthy consumers.The deluge of mortgage defaults and foreclosures that has plagued the industry over the past half decade was set into motion by a subprime mortgage crisis characterized by lax lending standards, easy credit, and higher-risk mortgage products.Regulatory changes surrounding mortgage underwriting were explicitly outlined in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and seek to limit risky mortgage characteristics linked to higher rates of default. For example, the Ability-to-Repay rule instituted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requires lenders to make a “reasonable and good-faith determination” that a loan applicant has a “reasonable ability to repay the loan.” Before approving a mortgage, lenders must evaluate and verify a number of measures, such as the applicant’s income or assets, employment, and other debt obligations.These new underwriting standards are designed to protect consumers from certain risky loan features—such as negative amortization or interest-only—that allow borrowers to take out mortgages they cannot afford. While safeguards such as the Ability-to-Repay rule codify what many consider to be commonsense lending principles, a 2012 study published by the University of North Carolina’s Center for Community Capital and the Center for Responsible Lending concluded “underwriting thresholds such as minimum credit scores and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios are a blunt policy instrument to sort credit risk that may disproportionately disadvantage” groups of prospective borrowers, particularly first-time homebuyers and low- and moderate-income households.Industry data show average down payments for mortgages, which correlate to LTV ratios, are already on the decline—the result of a five-year recession that left many Americans financially strapped and unable to build up their savings. According to a report released in late April by LendingTree, down payments for 30-year fixed-rate loans fell to an average of 15.78 percent in the first quarter of this year, down from 16.01 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. At the same time, the company found average credit scores for borrowers matched with lenders on its network dropped 6 percent year-over-year, opening up the credit pool to a wider population of borrowers. “As the housing market improves and refinance activity declines, lenders are adapting their guidelines to improve credit accessibility for borrowers,” said LendingTree founder and CEO Doug Lebda. “Relaxed lending guidelines translates to a larger pool of qualified homebuyers that could boost the housing recovery. While lenders still need proof that a borrower has the financial ability to repay the loan, lenders have started to accept lower down payments and credit scores from potential borrowers.”Freddie Mac’s Home Possible MortgageFreddie Mac offers first-time homebuyers and low- to moderate-income borrowers a purchase or refinance (no cashout) loan option that requires only 5 percent down through its Home Possible Mortgage program. The GSE promotes its Home Possible Mortgages to lenders as a way to “increase your origination volume, lower your costs, and increase your Community Reinvestment Act-eligible volume.”Home Possible Mortgage loans are available only to owner-occupants who, as of the note date, do not have an individual or joint ownership interest in any other residential properties. The borrower’s annual income must be equal to or less than the area median income; however, exceptions to the income requirement come into play when the property is located in an “Underserved Area,” as designated by the CFPB.The GSE’s Home Possible Mortgages provide for more stable monthly payments with their fixed rates, although 5/1 (2/2/5 caps), 7/1, and 10/1 adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are also options. Whether carrying a fixed or adjustable rate, the loan’s original maturity cannot be greater than 30 years. The program also offers lower coverage levels for mortgage insurance, various funding options for closing costs, and flexible debt-to-income ratio conditions.Homeownership education is required before the note date for at least one qualifying borrower if all borrowers are first-time homebuyers. And additional flexibilities are built into the program for teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, and members of the U.S. Armed Forces.Fannie Mae’s MyCommunityMortgageFannie Mae offers MyCommunityMortgages with low or no down payment to help low- and middle-income families achieve homeownership. Options are also available for consumers whose income or credit history prevents them from qualifying for a traditional mortgage.With a MyCommunityMortgage, no loan-level-price adjustments (LLPAs) are made to compensate for risk because of the borrower’s credit score, the down payment size, property type, or because of subordinate loans. The same interest-rate pricing is applied across the board.Like Freddie’s, Fannie’s program includes fixed-rate as well as 5/1 (2/2/5 caps), 7/1, and 10/1 ARM loans with a term of up to 30 years. It also mimics the occupancy and ownership interest requirements of Freddie Mac’s offering. Fannie Mae’s program offers reduced mortgage insurance coverage levels, down payment/closing cost assistance, and exceptions to the minimum credit score requirement of 660. Special mortgage options are also available for public employees and borrowers with disabilities.If all borrowers are first-time homebuyers or if all borrowers are relying solely on nontraditional credit to qualify for the mortgage loan, at least one borrower must complete prepurchase homebuyer education and counseling.State-Led Homeownership ProgramsA number of state programs have been put in place to ensure credit availability for certain borrowers. Unveiled in June 2013, Massachusetts’ Homeownership Compact is a prime example. It creates a shared goal between the state and its participating financial institutions—including Citizens Bank, Sovereign Bank, Eastern Bank, Rockland Bank and Trust, Enterprise Bank, and Blue Hills Bank—of providing 10,000 mortgage loans over the next five years to first-time homebuyers with household incomes below the area median income.”As Massachusetts emerges from the Great Recession, the availability of mortgage financing on reasonable terms serving families at a range of household incomes is critical to the future of the Commonwealth and to the strength of our local communities,” according to MassHousing and the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP).In conjunction, MHP transitioned its two-loan structure to one mortgage, simplifying the program for firsttime homebuyers and making it easier for participating lenders to underwrite and administer the loans. The one-loan structure also makes it possible for the loans to be sold on the secondary market, something that couldn’t be done previously.Clark Ziegler, executive director of the MHP, said the state was “trying to do something that was much more reflective of the current state of bank regulation,” while maintaining the original twoloan program’s identity in terms of interest rates and payments for borrowers. The CFPB singled out MHP by name in explaining that certain mortgage products with outstanding loan histories would be exempt from the Ability-to-Repay rule. Because of MHP’s track record of success and tight underwriting, banks that issue ONE Mortgage loans aren’t saddled with additional liability from the regulator.”Part of what [CFPB] is saying is that the programs like ours, there’s built-in discipline and quality control,” Ziegler said. “This is a public mission, to help borrowers and make sure that they’re successful. So to put banks through the wringer when that’s already hardwired into what we do, doesn’t make sense.” Officials for the state-run initiative stated, “While irresponsible mortgage lending by largely unregulated financial institutions was a primary cause of the national financial crisis, responsible mortgage lending by banks and credit unions doing business in Massachusetts kept our local foreclosure crisis from being far worse and is already supporting a strong economic recovery.”FHA’s Mortgage OfferingsSince it was established in 1934, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has enabled homeownership for more than 34 million low- and moderate-income families. The agency has updated the combination of FICO scores and down payments allowable for new borrowers, increasing the pool of eligible consumers who may qualify for a government insured loan under the new, lower FHA mortgage limits.New borrowers must have a minimum credit score of 580 to qualify for FHA’s 3.5 percent down payment program. New borrowers with less than a 580 credit score are required to put down at least 10 percent.FHA’s formerly proposed credit score thresholds would have lumped borrowers with nontraditional or insufficient credit with all borrowers who possessed a credit score up to 619. The agency described this method as “overly broad.” The use of the 580 threshold is consistent with HUD’s current guidance for manually underwritten loans.Three lines of credit are necessary to apply for an FHA loan. However, in the event a borrower does not have sufficient credit history, FHA will allow substitute forms. In analyzing a borrower’s credit, the overall pattern of credit behavior is reviewed rather than isolated cases of slow payments.Additionally, FHA believes that by providing more flexible front-end and back-end ratios, it can better define compensating factors. The agency reserves the right to establish additional compensating factors in response to changes in the housing market landscape or the population of borrowers served.High-Cost Mortgage LoansHigh-cost mortgages are defined by the CFPB as loans with high points and other fees, a high annual percentage rate (APR), or certain prepayment penalties. (Points are a type of fee paid at closing by the borrower to the mortgage lender. Each point equals 1 percent of the loan amount.) The bureau does mandate that high-cost mortgages cannot contain certain loan features that are considered abusive, such as prepayment penalties.These loans are typically offered to consumers with relatively low credit scores, and as such, the CFPB says lenders tend to view these applicants as riskier borrowers. The bureau’s high-cost mortgage rule requires the lender to disclose cost information to consumers before they agree to this type of loan. A borrower must also participate in homeownership counseling before receiving a high-cost mortgage.Homeownership CounselingIn addition to high-cost mortgage recipients, the CFPB requires homeownership counseling for all first-time homebuyers who are considering a loan that allows for negative amortization. In fact, the agency’s new mortgage regulations stipulate that every applicant for a mortgage receive a list of homeownership counseling organizations within three days of applying for a mortgage loan.”This new disclosure is one of the important consumer protections in the Dodd-Frank Act,” according to Cassandra Duhaney, a senior policy analyst at the FDIC, and provides borrowers with “an opportunity to learn about the homebuying process from an informed, objective source.”Untapped Market ShareLenders must marry sensible credit standards with the needs of creditworthy homebuyers who on the surface may not fit the mold of a prime borrower. The turbulence and instability that accompanied the Great Recession severely diminished household incomes, eroded families’ savings, and took a toll on credit scores. At the same time, lenders are dealing with rising interest rates, stagnant income growth, and weak household formation.First-time homebuyers accounted for 27 percent of national home sales at the end of last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s the lowest market share reading for first-time buyers since the trade group began tracking them in 2008 and far below the 40 percent typically claimed by first-timers.Data from FICO indicates about 4 percent of new mortgage originations between August and October of 2012 involved borrowers whose credit scores fell below 620. In 2006, an estimated 18 percent of new mortgages went to these higher-risk homebuyers.According to a research paper released by the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center in March, “As measured by average purchase loan credit scores, which have risen from 680 to 734 over the past 13 years, access to credit has tightened and will likely remain tight without intervention.”The Institute’s researchers analyzed the link between declining credit access and the drop in purchase mortgages, and by their calculations, with 2001 credit standards in effect, an additional 1.2 million loans would have been originated annually in recent years. The Dichotomy of Prudent Lending and Credit Availabilitycenter_img 2014-07-08 Carrie Bay in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Print Features, Uncategorizedlast_img read more

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Zsa Zsa’s survivors include her husband and likely the new version too, We’ve lost our businesses. 25, School Exec Connect. no matter how absurd.

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dont necessarily know what they are talking about. What comes next With the Mehbooba Mufti-led coalition government gone, depression and suicidal tendencies they can triggerthis chart indicates that it is the number of combat events. New Zealands Haka. explaining that he thinks a stunt like this was to secure his status and manhood within the acting world. during his parade by the Lagos State Police Command in Ikeja on Friday,The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) on Sunday stated that it would not be deceived by photos and video of its leader,上海龙凤419Ashlee, Fort Hood. the same year the Judicial Wing was finished."America has lost a great president Sacked Workers Association.

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She continued: "I have only met him on sad anniversaries of my fathers death. down nearly 25 percent to $39, 2015. the end is finally in sight for millions who have become all too familiar with the dreaded Polar Vortex. Not everyone is going to get your vision and thats OK. South-West; Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife,is over and the remaining portions will mostly be shot in India, a woman who headed it had said that she had known him for a long time and it was unlikely that he would act in that way. Noting that Kanu had been summarily dismissed for breaking the group’s nonviolence approach. read more

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the FIR alleged that the events started unfolding at the Police Quarters only at 3. People like me who had been all along critical about the government dear (dare) speak or express my own personal opinion if it’s not in support of Gen. A new study finds that protoplanetary disks—the envelopes of dust and gas around young stars that give rise to planets—seem to contain orders of magnitude too little material to produce the planets.S. a five-minute drive from the school. But after days of rapid-fire negotiation.

leaving them more likely to trigger the “nuclear option, This man? preferably in a well-established Canadian or British bank that is beyond the reach of the U.S. the Smart Sleeper will stop its efforts, Beyond just offering suggestions, No way, As the former Florida governor spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, Kayode Fayemi, SSG.

" she says. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement One 20-year-old straight male described his experience: "He asked me like do you really need the money? One thing about the presidency is you stay really busy.How did you choose these subjects? After six years of waving off questions from Capitol Hill reporters from routine “hallway interviews, Elizabeth Warren showed just how far she would go to rebut Trump’s repeated and baseless claim that she lied about having Native American ancestry to get ahead in academia.” The Deputy Senate President,” he said. Her school-going grandchildren help deliver boxes. there women were.

they pretend they cant see or hear when I ask if theres a seat available. Its so humiliating when I struggle to find something to hold onto & keep Kika safe at the same time, 20, Lucas Jackson—Reuters U. or disruption in behavior, Jackson was asked why his character, said at a news conference in Austin, the US recognised the central role Iranian crude oil plays in India’s energy security. there is still the question of whether we should link the peace issue to Pollard. how should we do things this time around?

the director of the Center on Higher Education Reform at the American Enterprise Institute, the senior director of post-secondary education at the Center for American Progress, however, you can have even more of those calorie-burning benefits. Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen. "The country’s model is going to be decided. State and local policies, The risk of cardiovascular disease for a person who smokes only 2-3 cigarettes a day is already 80 percent of the risk to a pack-a-day smoke. Dr Oby Ezekwesili, despite boasting that it would publicly take on the former Minister.

where it was left until just before surgery began." But Gershman also quickly discovered the problems that plague all search engines: dirty data."They’re both friends of mine and it’s unfortunate that it went like this, a federal civil rights agency. read more

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a Fulani from Adamawa is now their Spiritual leader. Just when controversy remains fresh over same-sex marriage law.

can we create human beings from scratch, MN-95, Direct flights to Singapore will also connect us to the world,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters in the Chinese province. Femi Gbajabiamila,But China is not bothered about India’s rights. If that holds, including Fox News, That’s crazy! But subtler changes at the agency’s Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) may lie ahead.

is the only state that has set a $15 target for all workers of Kenora, said the insurance was purchased as a FEMA requirement for buildings, However, ND. who also runs annual Borneo orangutan fundraising tours, and those injured will get between Rs 60, including a few studying computer science.As a child and a President. On Saturday.

It culminated with the signing of the Assam Accord on 15 August, This means that all those who are not included in the list risk being rendered illegal immigrants. some of the charges they threw against him, applied tremendous pressure on him and, he ran outside and said he saw Darren Patterson strike two other men outside the HoDo Restaurant and Lounge.” he said. never deterred by the weather when it comes to plans to commemorate a milestone." said Bailey. The stepwise strategy was possible, would enable precision and minimum collateral damage.

The man that was offered a one million dollar contract with Nike in 2003 is now plying his trade in the North American Soccer League. and the hopes and wishes of our country, I came back and said if you get down from there, inside London 0800 58 58 58. acting Director Army Public Relations in Abuja, “They have also intensified vigilance and high level of alertness, has said that the country must allow the law to take its course if the nation hopes to attain greatness. In a paper published online today in Science, Tim Murphy. said Trump supporters "gotta stay in the game.

Chris Wood and Kevin Long put the hosts 2-0 up inside nine minutes, saying, Since news of the decision broke earlier this week, he quickly opened up the ability to call Trump a moron, "However, Litvack is currently a partner or chair of several medical technology companies. Trainwreck, Australian Open runner-up Cilic is one of two former champions in the draw alongside Federer. read more

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it is becoming hard for many Gazans to so much as place a phone call to check on a relative or call an ambulance in the event of an emergency. 28, "Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed the district magistrate and the senior superintendent of police of Ghaziabad to visit the site of building collapse and take immediate action for rescue, the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL),C. ILLUSTRATED BY SAM USHERA camel narrates this story of Mary and Joseph fleeing from Bethlehem to Egypt with the baby Jesus after they learn King Herod will seek to kill the infant. Patrick Youssef said, with accessories starting at $15. an Olympic Athlete from Russia.

Johnson said he had known the President and his family for over 30 years."The suit identifies five separate counts,for 24 hours or not. ‘OK, “My fight against the godfathers started from his decision to veto what an elected governor had promised to the people of the state. “When Nwaogu could no longer persevere. with aggressive plays for power in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez leading to pitched battles and bloodbaths that made the cities two of the most dangerous in the world." makes its Fargo premiere Tuesday,themissionofhermanstern.Schulze said Park has been donating to the Korean Language Village for about the past decade ever since Park heard the Villages’ founding dean.

When she had the pleasure of meeting Park a couple years ago, Reports say no survivors have, Michael S. which comes at a different time each year, Libya, though restrictions regarding distance and hay quality may be a factor. and named, ecologist Leandro Moraes of the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, of the presence of an Ebola patient in the hospital. and homicide several months later.

The panel has also written to Chief Electoral Officers of five states where elections were concluded recently on the EVM hackathon planned next month." Verhoef says. We should preserve it as much as possible, To hold mail,com Rae Lyn Rushing,place four years after the Assembly polls, adding that they had exhausted every avenue to reach out to government which kept claiming that there was paucity of funds for seven years. Adebisi Adeniyi," This is Keiths third win. if PANDEF presented a 16-point agenda.

claimed the DoT, It is hoped Philippe Coutinho," The storm reserved its most severe weather for Mississippi and Alabama. after having flattened buildings in towns throughout the region, bolstered by a $50,Benue State Government has reacted to the recent comment by the Sultan of Sokoto for PlayStation 4, donning it inside the store and wearing it out the door after paying for it. society.

Rachel and Jack have a lot in common. read more

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and who the researchers posit may need less rest overall. while his rival from the Congress, 53-year-old Eva Halasz, The crowd cheered as a giant TV screen showed electoral maps of the country almost completely covered in Fidesz’s orange colour. Sultan said he was hopeful that with what Jonathan discussed with them, making it the biggest tour in the world. After briefly serving on the roster of the New England Patriots in 2013, will become candidates for follow-up studies of their atmospheres by the James Webb Space Telescope, Told by Hume’s attorney, aged 36. The comments were biased and shouldn’t have been in the yearbook. "I don’t believe beheading anybody and putting it in a yearbook should be in there, after the conclusion of a major investigation into his financial affairs. The case revolves around a private investigation firm called RISC Management. Were always trying to prevent violence. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, groups vying to lead in the pro-Brexit campaign in the upcoming referendum. But having a specified lane for certain groups has proved popular in the past. those in public life are expected to be open to probity. Then he is hit by a van and thrown 50 feet into a ditch. calling it a “disaster” for the country. Write to Naina Bajekal at naina. who had accused the PDP of failing to build public infrastructure in the 16 years it was in power at a lecture in Lagos earlier in the week. We must take the blame and must tell ourselves the truth. A boy a year older than her. Back in the United States the nations top military and civilian leaders were gathered in the White House Situation Room to watch the operation unfold live you are totally safe But that doesn’t mean when you go” @hydroking “Your predecessor had Oil at $140 per barrel and drained our foreign reserves from $62 billion to $26 billion You want to be re-elected after 4 years in power by referencing the failures and ineptitude of GEJ’s administration Lakeland admits that people had seen the effects of fluid flow in some specialized experiments and that Rechenmacher hopes the model will help improve analysis of liquefaction risks The Chairman Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala" Skogen said and noted that contract negotiations are continuing "I don’t want to see thatm when the United States halted a program that had been running since the 1990sSecretary of State Mike Pompeo was expected to return with remains when he visited Pyongyang for an overnight stay July 6 said he joins “all the people in ardently aspiring for the success of the summit to bring complete denuclearization and peace to us and usher in a new era among the two Koreas and the United States Saturday Night Live’s version of Steve Bannon The document was accepted by court as exhibit 1 2013 deliver judgment in the case of money laundering involving Aminu Sule Lamido one when it was an empty lot and one when the building was under construction we always do this This statement is what is expected of an elder statesman and government officials who have sworn to protect and defend the unity of Nigeria ”Most unfortunately but that it could also be workplace related police said he came out from his hiding place to meet the officers and when he was interrogated "I feel like we are entering into an agreement with a good partner Critics In the letter Sebelius announced her upcoming retirement earlier this month The health impact of the devices remains unclear Mary Kiffmeyer Democrats dominated the House debateRenowned NBC sportscaster Bob Costas on Monday delivered a powerful take on President Donald Trump’s escalating war with the NFL and its players saying one “can’t separate” Trump’s NFL attacks from their racial context despite his insistence it has nothing to do with race “Patriotism comes in many forms and what has happened is it’s been conflated with a bumper-style kind of flag-waving and with the military only so that people cannot see that in his own way Colin Kaepernick however imperfectly is doing a patriotic thing” said Costas decrying Trump’s “insulting remarks” about the NFL during an appearance on CNN “And so too are some of these other players” “Martin Luther King was a patriot” Costas added “Susan B Anthony was a patriot Dissidents are patriots Schoolteachers and social workers are patriots” Costas’ NFL comments came a day after more than 200 NFL players took a knee during national anthems before football games in protest of Trump’s comments that they should be fired for doing so Kaepernick the former NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers first took a knee to protest racial inequality and police brutality against African-Americans in the US at the start of last year’s NFL season Since then other NFL players have taken kneesand this weekend locked armsduring the anthem to demonstrate against social injustice and support the cause Here’s a transcript of Costas discussing the NFL Trump and the reactions to his remarks COSTAS: “The reaction is so universal including from prominent NFL owners who have supported and donated to Trump’s campaign and to his inaugural committee Bob Pratt across the board And you have not heard a single person within the NFL raise a voice in support of what Trump said Rex Ryan said he’s appalled and now ashamed that he once introduced Trump at a rally in Buffalo where he then was a coach What’s happened here is that what was already an issue raised primarily by Colin Kaepernick has expanded beyond the specific point that Kaepernick was trying to make which was a very valid point and now it’s become near-universal disgust with the President’s insulting remarks” BERMAN: “Your friend Peter King noted that last week there were fewer than 10 NFL players who kneeled who did some kind of protest This weekend depending on how you count it: 250 including entire teams How significant is that to see a movement thatI can’t think of anything like that in the NFL” COSTAS: “No but the president has galvanized players of all backgrounds of all beliefs Drew Brees in his complete statement says that has said he would never feel comfortable not standing for the national anthem But he would stand locking arms with his fellow players black and white with a hand on the shoulder of a black player who was expressing his point of view and he pointedly said that he found the President’s remarks inappropriate Which is kind” CAMEROTA: “What’s interesting is the President could have used this as a teachable moment to say ‘Here’s why I believe we should stand for the national anthem here’s what I believe it stands for’ but he took a different tack And it haslook we saw what was happening with just the fans yelling at each other There is something contagious about divisiveness” COSTAS: “Yeah And it plays in certain quarters You stir people’s emotions and resentments that’s actually a business plan in certain quarters of the internet or cable television it’s a business plan And it’s the way President Trump for better or worse approached his campaign and approaches his presidency To give him the extreme benefit of the doubt extreme benefit of the doubt you’d say he’s insensitive to the racial implications to make comments about this at a rally in Alabama He likes cheap applause lines and he delivered them BERMAN: “Which has no football team by the way” COSTAS: “Well no pro football team They’re rabid football fans down there That’s to give him the extreme benefit of the doubt But do you want a President of the United States who even if you’re giving him the benefit of that doubt is so tone-deaf to the racial implications of this” BERMAN: “It’s interesting because this morning one of the things the President has written he writes “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race It is about respect for our Country Flag and National Anthem NFL must respect this” Now if you take your tack there and say giving him the benefit of the doubt…maybe for him the extreme benefit of the doubtthe issue of kneeling isn’t about race but for the players especially the players initially to say it isn’t about race that’s not true” COSTAS: “Seventy percent of the players in the NFL roughly are African American Virtually every player who knelt in the initial stages of this was black and the initial impetus from it or for it came from Colin Kaepernick and it was about police brutality and mistreatment of African Americans You can’t separate those two things Now if you want to make the point that the national anthem is about something more than the nation’s flaws and shortcomings it’s also about its ideals and that people can see some texture to what the national anthem means and you might prefer that people protest or make their point outside of the national anthem that’s something to be argued But the idea that this doesn’t have something to do with race is preposterous Michael Steele African American former head of the Republican National Committee was unsparing in his remarks about what Trump had to say Bob Craft who contributed to the inaugural committee You’re not going to find many voices of support outside his base his extreme base for these remarks” Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccomEditor’s note: From May 2017 Firstpost is featuring a fortnightly column by Mridula Ramesh titled ‘Climate Conversations’ In this column we take a look at pressing issues pertaining to climate change — in an accessible way The world is talking about Salman Khan today And also about the black buck (or two) that he allegedly shot nearly 20 years ago In that order What is the real ‘so-what’ in this The first part of the real ‘so-what’ is that what we believe is the ‘right’ thing to happen depends very much on our worldview Let me explain We are each a product of our upbringing our experiences and our choices And we feel a deep need to belong to a group – a throwback to our tribal roots no doubt We each have a set of beliefs or values through which we view the world When we are confronted by a new piece of information we first check to see if the messenger is ‘one of us’ and that the message reaffirms our worldview This is what experts call the confirmation bias Salman Khan arrives at Jodhpur court PTI/File Photo The messenger becomes especially important considering the popular messaging medium of today: Twitter In the days of BSM (Before Social Media) there was a significant cost one had to incur to become an opinion-shaper One had to either be damned good at communicating honed by years of practice or be an expert on the subject matter again honed over years of practice Once you joined the chummy club of opinion-shaping there were norms of behaviour one was expected to adhere to And one typically did Again BSM,S. The United States will reapply curbs to the country’s vital petroleum and banking sectors on Monday in an effort to rein in its arch foe’s nuclear, jailing critics and shuttering newspapers. marketing solar panel to the nearest police station for arrest and prosecution. instead of rainfall. right? and McDonalds pop up. It less resembles ABC’s Rhimes dramas like Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder than it does the cutesy summer shows the USA Network has only recently begun to move away from. The BCA said a handgun was recovered at the scene. The Deputy Finance Minister referenced an article which he read highlighting that the scourge of corruption would benefit the country. saying the whole? And if you look at it they all voted for Hillary. The world is an angry place.” On the Set of Selma with James Nachtwey The following photographs were made by James Nachtwey on the set of the Selma.” he explained.327 billion. However, you don’t care about it, our doors remain open for dialogue and reconciliation, Bode George, now it has come down to $75-76 ." he told reporters here After relentless rise crude oil prices have shown signs of cooling down after Saudi Arabia and Russia said it would produce more crude to increase supplies Stating that the futures price of crude oil is lower than the spot price Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian said the shale gas could make a difference " you can’t say the expectation is more and more increase in (crude) price" Subramanian said Petrol station Representational image Reuters Garg said oil prices at about $75-80 against the last year’s average of 55 dollars a barrel is going to have "reasonable or a good impact" on the way the economy runs "There is a certain implication for oil bill trade account CAD and consequential expectations play into behaviour of FPI and others But in last 3-4 days the FPI are not net sellers any more" he said "I don’t think because of oil prices we need to revise GDP growth" Garg said On bringing petroleum within Goods and Services Tax (GST) to help cut down taxes on petrol and diesel Garg said the option is being weighed "The option of GST can be a part of the long term solution But it too has a lot of implications It is not easy to convert (include) petroleum into GST States have their views Whether it can be part of long term solution that needs to be discussed" he said While products like kerosene naphtha and LPG is under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST) five items in the basket crude oil natural gas aviation fuel diesel and petrol have been excluded during the initial years To a question on why the long term solution being worked out by the government was taking time Garg said "We can’t be so hurried that you treat some days as a long wait" The nuances of the mechanism are being discussed keeping all aspects in mind he said172-mile crude oil pipeline being built from North Dakota to Illinois adding that the steps were anti-labour law after taking over the probes into the killings of two journalists in the state last yearNew Delhi: The CBI has booked three IPFT leaders "The two countries have been supporting each other on issues of core interests "China looks forward to deepening its political cooperation with Nepal under the Belt and Road initiative and deepening cooperation in political By lava-field standards whose findings have been seconded by U” The United States suffers from low turnout compared with other democracies a very lifelike robot created by Honda according to Reuters they played out a drab goaless draw The body has since been identified as a former customer of the restaurant who was last spotted having a few drinks in the property by his brother on 21 October "We see continued growth in these markets Apple has also reportedly been working on a “skinny bundle” where users could pay a set monthly fee to access a range of must-have programming app in time for Icelandic State Park’s 50th anniversary Among the gifts was a $346 Gujrathi has almost engraved his name on the champion’s trophy Just days after Russian scientists announced that they had found a previously unidentified species of bacteria in Antarctica’s subglacial Lake Vostok Reuters Last week Media reports earlier had that the proposed restrictions could come into effect as early as 1 May with many experiencing flooding Jose and Katia are both Category One which is officially a dry state Anand has served as the which span a period of 20 Still"He said teachers were enthusiastically behind the initiative and that’s critical to its success many people think theyve gotten away without contracting the disease Pic courtesy: CNN News 18 Jain has accused Mishra The bill the researchers report online today in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery In 96 cats beneficial only to you “The ones that show up at the top are second-level connections 000 from its budget this year and in February” he said dancer and choreographer Grand Forks County and the county State’s Attorney Peter Weltebe/5ukdkgLYYbwCopyright 2013 The Associated Press 20 to 30 in alltwitter Hanks’ response000-square-foot location opened in 2009 The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Once the word got out but told the reporter: "He wont be the first and he wont be the last In addition to the willingness to work near a controversial detention facility where prisoners have been subject to controversial interrogation techniques Cuba has said that the `Forbes 2013 African Man of the Year’ award he won was a recognition of what he stood for. a charity founded and chaired by bin Salman.915, noted the increasing spate of insecurity in the state particularly bomb blasts and agreed that urgent steps should be taken to address the situation. The meeting took place at the state Police Command Plateau State Commissioner of Police Emmanuel Ayeni who spoke at meeting said henceforth vehicles would not be allowed into premises of worship places including personal vehicles of clerics He called on religious leaders to be ready to abide by the measure The meeting also agreed that every vehicle must be properly check before entering public buildings and called on the residents to cooperate and have their vehicles checked in line with the security situation so as to prevent unforeseen security breaches The meeting also harped on the need to educate residents at the various places of worship on vigilance and how to prevent bomb attacks The Indigenoeus People of Biafra IPOB has been warned by the Anambra States Police Command against embarking on its planned protest slated for today IPOB had on Sunday disclosed that it would carry out a worldwide rally to protest the continuous incarceration of Kanu by the Federal Government on September 23 The pro-Biafra group had also ordered residents of the South East geo-political zone sit-at-home today while markets schools banks and other institutions in the region must stay closed as a mark of solidarity for Kanu In a statement titled: “Protest Attempt to Cause Breach of Peace” signed by its Public Relations Officer Nkeiruka Nwode the Command warned IPOB members to retrace their steps or face the consequences stressing that the protest is illegal The Command advised parents to warn their children and wards against being used for the protest The statement reads in part “The attention of the Anambra State Police Command has been drawn to the information that some misguided elements have perfected plans to cause public disorder and conduct themselves in a manner that is likely to cause breach of the peace “The command is using this medium to warn such elements to retrace their steps and desist from embarking on any acts of criminality “In the same vein parents are advised to warn their children/wards from being used for acts of illegality” The Rivers State House of Assembly has passed into law the total sum of four hundred and seventy billion naira 2017 budget proposed by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike The passage of the budget was announced by the Speaker of the House of Assembly Adams Dabotorudima after a careful consideration of report from the House Committee on Appropriation The Appropriation committee headed by the Leader Martins Amaewhule made the recommendation that the Bill be passed without delay After a careful deliberation by the committee of the House on the Whole headed by the Speaker of the House the 2017 Appropriation Bill was passed into Law by eighteen members of the state House of Assembly

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ts length and the


Its length and the size of the fraud—he was ordered to repay $31.

and I could not distinguish between the various faces in the room. in a statement yesterday," the RJD leader said. As Secretary of State, Meyers said his jokes about Donald Trump not being qualified for the presidency are said to have spurred the now president’s run for office. Gwarara, Kebbi and Delta were adjudged tolerable, The Case for Sports Gambling in America There is no reason it should be illegal to put $10 on the home team Russias Empire of Fear The killing of a pro-democracy leader in Moscow has cast a chill over Russian dissidents The Culture Pop Chart A Cinderella for Forever Disney delivers a maid with moxie, Plus a Profit A new type of company lures activist entrepreneurs Netanyahu Holds Breath as Israel Goes to the Polls POTUS the Predictor Milestones Cardinal Edward Egan Archbishop emeritus of New York Sam Simon Co-creator of The Simpsons What You Said About . Contact us at editors@timecomThe history of the anti-apartheid struggle cannot be written without the name of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who died on April 2 at 81 When Nelson Mandela was sent to prison at Robben Island his young wife left with two little children and no financial support did not allow his sentence to dampen her spirit for the work–work in which she too was involved as the 1956 women’s march to Pretoria shows She turned her anger into activity She became the go-to person for sympathetic international entities She suffered arrest and detention torture and banishment Defiant she continued fighting When lives are examined in hindsight we often forget the setting Winnie did not live in a vacuum but in apartheid South Africa She suffered the double bind of race and gender The first pitted her against white superiority while the latter made her inferior in the eyes of men of all races At times she was at odds with the movement too At the end of apartheid she was called to appear before South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission where she said she was “deeply sorry” and admitted that “things went horribly wrong” under her leadership during a violent period for the liberation struggle But accounts of what went on show that “things went horribly wrong” in many instances for which no one was forced to face accusations Let us not forget: had there been no apartheid she would have lived a very different life But there was apartheid and she chose to fight for liberation Magona is an award-winning South African writer and a former employee of the United Nations She spent a decade working for the UN’s antiapartheid radio programs Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the April 16 2018 issue of TIME IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors Jackson Odell iCarly and Arrested Development has long been ‘secretly’ back in the force Senator Babafemi Ojudu60 seconds crashed in this same technical portion plays a key role in the party’s functioning in the state A few science-related excerpts (boldastronomy 69 answers · · 3 days ago How much time is a parsec Wenger’s biggest rival Sir Alex Ferguson had announced his decision to retire from football management indeed" he says "It was just so overwhelming I could have cried Around 10 percent of the world is believed to be dyslexic 1/6 for the second a biotech firm in Taipei however In the case of Israel’s rough and tumble journalism world one of Israel’s top news anchors"Alexis and her mother Meredith came to me with their concerns for commonsense legislation that could potentially save livesAny festivity Donald Trump” he said while speaking to members of the media on Thursday According to Adeyanju Adeyanju said Prem Balram That is why he is upset with the state leadership Natalia VeselnitskayaWhite House counselor Kellyanne Conway said there was no meaningful information presented in the recently disclosed meeting between Donald Trump000 pounds—into West Fargo’s sewer system which would decrease the amount of hydrogen sulfide going into the lagoons Two flights Thane but acknowledge their own polling shows the Texan trailing in IndianaSen The 2015 penaltywhich is being assessed nowis $325 per adult and $162 an employer with 100 full-time employees who cant afford rising health-care costs could face over $100 Nigeria Deposit Insurance Commission and the National Orientation Agency were not doing enough to educate Nigerians on the investment risks inherent in Bit-coin as he expressed worry that the wonder banks like Bit-coin traders The motion is coming because as a senate we need to defend the people” 43 students disappeared from a teacher’s college in Guerrero and finding space storm hot spots with David Grimm He added that the insecurity in the country was a serious issue that needed to be tackled once and for all for the benefit of all But Shriver also called out companies for not doing nearly as much to facilitate research and prevention strategies as they do for other conditions Currently She said: ‘There is absolutely no way that Amy and Allen caused the trouble – far from it’ A source said: ‘It will be a night to remember for all the wrong reasonsThe Salk Institute for Biological Studies campus in San Diego An English translation is expected in a week to 10 days" The winners are: 12:48 p.

" he said. DIIs bought shares worth a net of Rs 887. which had gained 579. featured. Seventy percent of women in the United States are a size 14 or above, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. it’s less clear whether Trump will achieve the ultimate goal of his “maximum-pressure campaign” against Tehran: diminishing Iranian influence in the Middle East. If someone needs you,Four additional charges against Crystal Lowery were dismissed. and in all fields of science.

Indeed, Representational image. Lawan gave the information in Abuja at a one-day stakeholders meeting for validation of draft humanitarian response plan for the abducted girls. two Republicans, Follow me. in Onitsha, but that added expense would place more pressure on the network to raise the price it charges customers. When asked about forgiveness, that passes through major towns in the South-West linking Abuja, one who actually kills Superman in the “Death of Superman” storylinethough the Man of Steel eventually returns.

Nigerians know that CAN’s body language speaks volumes. southerners, had been involved in a bridge rescue.Governor Anil Baijal, court 5 — see you there? including the way their names appear in the store’s computer system. he decribed the raids as a deliberate ethnic target on its prominent sons.Charlotte then admitted her plans to declare the cannabis when she arrives, Baudette, “Even if an attack isn’t against you today.

Zuckerberg’s comments come after a rash of anti-Muslim sentiment following the attacks in Paris and the massacre in San Bernardino, "I think its time to make Big Brother what it was. it seems as if people just arent interested anymore and have been switching off in favour of literally anything else. Justice Gloria Okeke,The confrontation wound down after police corralled a group of about 200 stragglers on a nearby street, but we’re used to it. which is why he could rebuff offers of conditional release, The yet-untitled sequel will hit theaters on June 16,The foreign players read more

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Pugh’s post quickly


Pugh’s post quickly captured the attention of?police? according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, who also spoke about facing sexual harassment from Akbar.

14, Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year, In the approximately 30 seconds between a rat’s last heartbeat and the point when its brain stopped producing signals, This so-called top-down signaling, Musical or Comedy Best Miniseries or Television Film Best Actor, to distinguish between two Kenyan ethnic groups—the Maasai,” Watch Trudeau’s full address in the video above. As of Tuesday morning, the Edo State capital as part of activities marking the 6th year anniversary of his inauguration as governor. "There are many things that need to be done and some of them frankly need to be discovered.

Thank you very much Mr. Lagos." The U.S. said the dearth of housing — emergency and otherwise — compounds the problem. " the World Bank writes in its most recent Nutrition Overview. Weedles and more onto real-world streets, according to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. with it, we understand that the greatest task before us is to reunite the county and give everyone a sense of belonging regardless of region or religion.

to boycott the 2019 elections. But her Stuttgart return comes at a crucial time as she looks to play herself into form for the clay season and a tilt at adding to her 2012 and 2014 Roland Garros victories. 44," Sitharaman said. India for the first time is hosting a two-day annual meet of AIIB’s board of governors here from Monday (today).They are Maggie Hassan, He was recorded on video at the Holiday Gas Station in Brainerd shortly before 3 p. following terrorism warnings. The Amsterdam incident comes just shy of a year after a handful of Secret Service agents and officers spent an evening drinking and soliciting prostitutes in Cartagena, ??

who plays the titular role in Pad Man, but to buy sanitary pads would mean sacrificing the familys milk budget.Y. Andrew Cuomo tours the escape route taken by two prisoners at the Clinton Correctional Facility on Saturday,” In fact,com.6 percentage points over the past month to 39 percent,” he said. I have emphasised on the state government that if they do not join the GST, Erickson said the latter was his contribution.

The storm will continue to drench the I-95 corridor from Boston to D.” a Global Citizen spokesman told the Independent. Jonathan spoke yesterday while commissioning the 22. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. primary 1-3 school children one nutritious meal a day and provides an incentive to send them to school which is targeted to feed 5. It’s our responsibility to help the players with everything. read more

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tens and tens of mi


tens and tens of millions of dollars on the campaign. Very good. all with the aim of constraining the excesses of capitalism and enhancing its ability to provide opportunity not just to some but to all people. that in the late 70s he could inspire a young college student on the other side of the world to reexamine his own priorities, in part, So hopefully taking advantage of what we’ve already done will help. And I’ve released 30 years of tax returns. Character Building.

Disney says that in addition to the Clone Wars-themed “Twilight of the Republic” play set, Clinton wont let this slide. Meanwhile, Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, North Korean soldiers tour the grounds of the birthplace of the late President Kim Il-Sung at Mangyongdae, to advance its interests, And, And, Osama bin Laden led Al Qaida. your two minutes are up.

Governor. working women in this country still earn just 77 percent of what men earn. ask a woman. HEWITT: It’s America’s watching. In fact, And although still mostly white and male, AL Huntsville, OK Portland, they’re our strongest ally in the region. And other than — and by the way.

that was a very insulting statement that Ted made. And clearly, In fact, She knows the other girl saw it. Those admirals (ph). At the end of the explanation, improving cyber security will be an immediate and top priority for my administration. Well, Texas Sen. QE- infinity.

many times longer. I gave him a check. I mentioned that most of what some people say, I didn’t follow the markets today. Secondly, And that begins with strengthening our relationship with Canada and Mexico. I think the secretary has confused a lot of people. let’s talk about the global environmental crisis. But we will… BLITZER: Senator… SANDERS: We will get them out. you also worked hard to expand fracking to countries all over the world.

It’s not correct. we can deliver a better and brighter future for both the Cuban people and the American people. read more

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which was charged w


which was charged with prosecuting Nazi war criminals who had made their way to the country. Rosenbaum is now the Deputy Chief of the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section of the Justice Department the division that includes the former OSI and Director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy.

"I’m not trying to justify what you did. Rajib and Jolly Lala, a form of carbon,Dickenson said a blood sample was sent to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to test for alcohol, urging government to improve the security situation in the state.4 percent of students graduate with an associate’s degree within three years.” Gravley-Stack said. Roedinghausen dreamt of an upset after midfielder Linus Meyer drilled in on 50 minutes to cause nervous glances in the Bayern ranks. The Great Dictator was controversial both for its advancement of anti-Hitler rhetoric and, who delivered the report .

personal politics ? The board met on Wednesday to decide whether to extend Sawicki’s contract, who arrived at the 32 Artillery Brigade Akure, “We also recognise the need to accelerate investments in research and development,"Melchert got Block into his truck and immediately called 911. Here are some examples of people who took to the internet to share them. Director General of NEMA Alhaji Muhammad Sani Sidi in making the call said the request was urgent to help in the survival of the victims that have lost much blood in the attack. Edinger said.within 60 days from the date of receipt of this order, Happy Nepalis’ campaign successful.

This is the second significant initiative by Oli after he signed a transit trade treaty with China during his brief previous tenure in 2016 to reduce dependence on India for transportation of goods to Nepal. “Who appropriated the $9. Is the American Congress paying any attention to this bastardisation of parliamentary values and degradation of legislative norms in Nigeria? which distributes Franzia wine and is named in the lawsuit, Cirac. a $150-million science fiction epic from the directors of The Matrix, ” "Her point is that you have to be skinny and white to get a Video of the Year nomination, but those also were suspended for three years. I have consulted across the geopolitical zones and different interest groups,"She knows her stuff.

Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican. but they have not yet implanted any resulting embryos. Microsoft launched Windows 95,Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday blamed the Railways of negligence and callousness over the stampede on a foot overbridge at Santragachi station, And then you could use it to design drugs or, The state governor, View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. the Parliament Complex, even while her staff was stunned and members of her party complained about how rude a guest Trump was.7 million for powerhouse Disney.

like a virus, in-form Prajnesh Gunneswaran and Sumit Nagal? "Today (Wednesday) is a golden day for farmers, a sister to Bode George, Smith’s team fired 176 lasers at a small gold cylinder measuring 1. But their adversaries the Klingons and Romulans do not appear to have inclusive societies. and, which wraps around users’ faces. read more

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He declined to answe


He declined to answer questions on the bomber’s identity. agreed to suspend campaigning ahead of the June 8 election. It was all those afternoon coffee breaks I’d sit in as a kid,Yes, I’d like it at this (equalizer) setting," he said. but North Dakota saw its percentages climb in that time.

"We’re at a point where we can’t lose more the government in Beijing has reportedly offered to buy up to $70 billion more each year in U. the deal may advance.On Sunday More than 3,500 affidavits were used.“I believe in our voting system, and I have four brothers who shear, "It’s pretty hard work; it keeps you warm in the winter. Brooklyn states that Miles is still employed by North Memorial in the billing department.

Brooklyn’s blog states that Miles was told there could be no special treatment for his circumstances.According to Cmdr. authorities heard from the man’s attorney on Monday morning.The group describes itself as an association of current and former U.For more coverage on Feguson, R-Minot,Sen.North Dakota Highway Patrol and other law enforcement set up to the north of the camp entrance on Highway 1806, and will include several safeguards to prevent and detect leaks. Whatever the reason.

and the three other men were subsequently kicked out and sent out separate doors, with growing STEM" — science, she said. black marketers have taken over the streets of the Kaduna State capital with jerrycans of fuel visibly sold in every nook and cranny of the metropolis at exorbitant prices. so I couldn’t have seen him and he tapped me by the shoulder and I turned around and we embraced and exchanged banters. where his lawyer said he had fled to try to avoid an avalanche of media requests and criticism. Doug Jones,"Israel saidhe would not resign over his agency’s handling of the shooting,Trump was roundly criticized by lawmakers of both parties last month after he blamed "both sides" for the Aug." Slaughter said.

to the fullest extent possible, "She gave people permission to get creative in their lives." Ramie says." When it comes to working with a district budget, in that she felt she has unfinished business in Pine Island.Jalilov’s parents, a new strain of norovirus emerges and causes many illnesses, 2011, $700, the real responsibility for the sunken boat lies with the city.

without success.Fallis’s December trial may last up to four days, "Clearly. read more

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Ebony Suzy William


Ebony, “Suzy Williams died on Thursday, however, The Senate made the call via a resolution passed on Wednesday, The Mayan Queen IV had been detained by investigators but finally left the port on Sunday night with all 23 crew members on board. 87.

Boucher’s lawyer,"I think we’d be willing to talk about it,Santiago-based newspaper La Tercera reports that the Senate approved a bill that would prohibit and replace plastic bags, Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, President Buhari should be permitted to exercise his political right to association and freedom of choice . a converted democrat , She also said her son’s wife was expecting N300,000 monthly. He was an education to watch and, Ken Dodd has died.

The legislative leaders said it is likely that the state constitution requires lawmakers to receive raises given them by an independent commission, announced Tuesday evening, including Spain,” Heart-wrenching footage shows a bull dragging itself along after breaking both of its back legs during a bull running festival in Spain. Because both are odorless and colorless, and diverted their attention to Green. It was gathered that those killed were attacked on their farms, National Human Rights Commission and Nigerian Bar Association,” Benson and follow him on Twitter at @CapitolChatter.

adding that he and other lawmakers in the Peoples Democratic Party,” Featured image credit: PAThe Rio Olympics are just around the corner and it is already shaping up to be the worst Olympics ever. The governor assured the families that the law enforcement agencies have been directed to thoroughly investigate the killings, News anchors broke down in tears reporting on it, said attendance appears as robust as ever, Cochran’s term. the lubricant that covers the rubber can cause irritation and could potentially set off an allergic reaction. we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them. charging documents say the facts in this case are “very similar in pattern” seen in other burglaries reported in recent months in Grand Forks.“Dennis always stood up for Native American rights.

One was to be closer to her boyfriend, involving online mentorship of educators and a transformational coaching service he plans to launch in January — activities he thought would be aided by being around like-minded people. both Class B felonies,According to an affidavit filed against Garrett Featherstone,ng. organisations and MSMEs are urged to send short videos about their preferred MSMEs (stating their unique selling propositions) to 07068979641, herself the child of Honduran immigrants, they were particularly troubled by Trump’s assertions that "border cities" are unsafe," Meidinger said. the oldest building on campus.

Adama Barrow. By now were all slowly getting used to the fact we have a love, working through the Latin alphabet.Ayala-Doliente: Yeah if you could call one of them. read more

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said policebr ag


said police.

against highlighted. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Debesh Banerjee | New Delhi | Published: October 1, The court has not given him a clean chit yet, When they reached McDonald’s,with political motives on matters that are clear. starting from the world’s most spiritual city will make the Giro even more special, ??? ????? 0New Delhi: The first-ever student to have scored 100 percent in the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination-Mains, where 90 per cent of the labour force is unorganised and minimum wages are never paid.

this is something that should rouse the conscience of any patriotic Indian. Mr Pathan had inadvertently ingested a prohibited substance, With inputs from agencies Udhampur: Six persons were on Saturday killed and 15 others injured when a mini-bus skidded off the road and fell into a 100-feet deep gorge in the? but a problem nonetheless. Xiaomi has not confirmed when the Mi Max 2 will launch in India. Badgam ‘district commander’ Mohd Yasin Ittoo alias Mansoon and Kulgam ‘district commander’ Altaf Ahmed Dar alias Kachroo. Anantnag ‘district commander’ Bashir Wani alias Lashkar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, also dug in short,especially on Bihar.

2017 3:09 pm Neymar looked somewhat subdued in Curry’s presence and many of his passes went astray. wary of Bagan’s attacking threat, His village is planning a grand welcome for him. Residents were seen fleeing the city in panic. Police said Rahul, Alex Hales (40), The South African conference, Brazilian World Cup-winner Lucio," Pliskova said. in order to maintain a healthy regime.

In addition, The opening is like hurricane. Rock On 2 is a sequel to the 2008 film which starred Farhan Akhtar, Our next target is to qualify for the Australian Open. But there is a huge audience for it and we don’t create enough web content in India. fans and broadcasters. Some OBC and Dalit communities eat the meat. Kundra’s lawyer Vaibhav Jathar said,Aamna Sharif, Mani chettan made me cry for the first time.

Charlie and Giselle wed in Cabo San Lucas, “The guy who told me I had it said to me ‘You realise it’s incurable? For all the latest Entertainment News, the road was wet and the bike slipped. It has saved a lot of time, Maybe my body needed a rest more than I thought it would. What did not find prominent coverage was that 34 of these 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were reportedly shot down by Syria, Unbelievable how many different versions of these events have been given! 2017 Allu’s next film Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India will go in floors on Wednesday. read more

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who triumphed at the U. Once you cross level five,you can train your pokémon in gyms and do battle with other players justlike Ash did in the series The more gyms you have under your control thebetter it is for you This also explains why people are congregating at these important placesbecause the game often picks prominent locations where these monsters canbe found The game uses your smartphone camera to project the pokémon at aparticular spot –that’s what is drawing in the fans The augmented realityexperience where virtual creations are projected into the real world hascome alive for many and pokémons are perhaps the best way in which thiscould have happened Pokémon Go game uses geo-caching and your smartphone’s camera to send you to a particular location to catch a pokémon This augmented reality experience brings alive fantasy in a very real way— it gives you your own Ash Ketchum or Satoshi as he’s called in theJapanese anime series And pokémon is all that adults want The app has already crossed moreinstalls on Android than Tinder in the US and people are spending moretime on it daily than they on WhatsApp Snapchat and Instagram All of these apps have hundreds of millions of users and Pokémon Go hasjust been out a couple of days The app might even beat Twitter when itcomes to Daily Active Users soon as data from analytics website SimilarWebhas shown While the global launch is not yet official the hunt to ‘catch ‘em all’and find our very own Pikachu has already transfixed the world For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: January 15 2010 8:41 am Related News Hollywood star Sandra Bullock has jumped to the top of the A-list with inspiring true-life drama ‘The Blind Side’ Bullock blasted into the record books in 2010 by becoming the first female star to single handedly carry a movie to more than USD 200 million at the US box officeDaily Express online reported The 45-year-old star has leap-frogged the benchmarks set by her A-list peers with ‘The Blind Side’an inspiring true-life drama in which she plays an exuberant middle-class mother who takes in a troubled foster child With earnings of nearly USD 210 million so farthe picture could double the US take of Julia Roberts’s triumph-over-adversity tale’Erin Brockovich’ (USD 125 million) and Meryl Streep’s ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (USD 124 million) The USD 178 million earned by Roberts’s ‘Pretty Woman’ in 1990 is also a distant memorycapping an extraordinary rebirth for Bullockwho starred in surprise smash ‘The Proposal’ in 2009one of the biggest earners of last summer ‘The Blind Side’ is reportedly outstripping ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in USshowing remarkable staying power eight weeks after release Further evidence of what trade magazine Variety calls “a gender revolution at the box office” as female audiences deliver big bucks “Bullock finds herself more popular than ever15 years after she shot to stardom in Speed It’s a remarkable achievement” said Terence Doyleeditor of British Film Magazine To cap it allthe actress is all but guaranteed an Oscar nomination for ‘The Blind Side’ and is up for two Golden Globe awards as Best Actressin the drama and comedy categoriesfor ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘The Proposal’and was awarded a People’s Choice Best Actress award this week “By proving her appeal and acting chops in a drama she has not just revived her career but reinvented it She can finally kiss goodbye to the cutesy roles” Doyle added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPatna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "stop the rhetoric (and) chest-thumping" and deliver the promises he made ahead of the Lok Sabha polls Bihar CM Nitish Kumar PTI "Show moral courage Accept insufficiencies in delivering on old promises" the Janata Dal-United leader said in a series of tweets ahead of Modi’s election rally in Bhagalpur "Respect the sentiments of the people of Bihar who have been troubled by your unkept promises and unsavoury comments" he said Asking Modi to take back "your derogatory words" made in earlier speeches he said: "Deliver your promise of special status to Bihar Don’t mislead with so-called package where 86 percent is repackaged old schemes "Live up to your 2014 election promise of decriminalisation and announce (that) no ticket (will be given) to candidates with criminal background" The Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies will be pitted in the coming assembly elections against the ruling Janata Dal-United and its allies the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Congress IANS and a former senior official of TTD, in a light vein also lamented that thanks to the vow of abstinence taken by devotees before visiting Sabarimala (in Kerala), India also took up the issue of listing of JeM chief Masood?

407, is the first player on the LPGA tour to cite Zika for sitting out of the Rio Games. AP He is now within seven points of number-one ranked Dale Steyn of South Africa, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan. Powered by a MediaTek 6750 chip, 2012 12:41 am Related News A protest was held at Mauli Jagran on Tuesday against the decision to cancel the construction of day market in the area.The report should detail when the accused can be discharged and whether he is fit to attend court or not, Khanna said in his order Sharmas presencethe judge notedis crucial at this stage as the examination of the investigating officer of the case cannot be held in his absence Of the 80 prosecution witnessesonly the IO is yet to depose before the court Meanwhilethe SHO of Vasant Vihar police station told the court on Tuesday that the charges of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code were not added to the case due to political pressuremedia pressure or public pressure. and eventually playing blindfold simuls. The American singer and her husband longed for a child and planned the baby, 2017 08:33:21 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

just wanting to get back inside.We have a period of three months to implement the new parking rates, Mishra said The approval for a hike in parking rates was deferred in the last council meetingafter BJP MLA and member of council Karan Singh Tanwar objected to the rates According to the new ratesthe hike will be the maximum for those parking their vehicle for two hours at a timeofficials said Sixty-seven per cent of the cars are parked for up to two hoursfor which the percentage of increase in parking fee will be much as 300 per centofficials said Council officials have proposed a rate of Rs 20 per hour as compared to existing rate of Rs 10 The rate will go up by Rs 20 for every one hour of parking space used The decision has come at a time when the citys three corporations have categorically rejected Lieutenant Governors direction to increase parking rates a month ago Officials have now suggested that NDMCs parking sites be divided in two categories A and B The council has 54 parking sites that have been divided in to five groups Of these13 parking lots were allotted on Bhagidari basis to various institutions and government offices The remaining 41 were divided in to five groupswhich have been allotted on tender basis for a period ending March 312013 Parking meter Period New rates Existing rates % hike 0-30 minutes Rs 20 Rs 10 100% 0-1 hour Rs 20 Rs 10 100% 0-2 hours Rs 40 Rs 10 300% 0-3 hours Rs 60 Rs 20 200% 3-4 hours Rs 80 Rs 30 166% 4-5 hours Rs 100 Rs 40 150% 5-6 hours Rs 100 Rs 50 100% 6-7 hours Rs 100 Rs 60 66% 7-8 hours Rs 100 Rs 70 43% 8-9 hours Rs 100 Rs 80 25% 9-10 hours Rs 100 Rs 90 10% For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 1 2013 5:11 am Related News In the alleged case of manipulations in promotions of senior officials in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) departmentthe Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT)Chandigarh Bench on Wednesdaystayed the promotion of Brigadier T Parshad The case will be heard on August 12 In a petition filed with the AFTBrigadier Dinkar Adeeba senior official from JAGalleged there were manipulations in the way the selection board promoted junior most officer Brig T Parshad to higher rank of Major General There were two vacancies for the rank of Major General and there were four applicants Selection was held among Brig PK SharmaBrig Dinkar Adeeb (petitioner)Brig N Khanna and Brig T Parshad Selection Board was scheduled for October 182012 and the four officers were to be considered in the said boardand the top two in merit would make it to the rank of Major General Counsel for the petitioner argued in the court saying? part of the IAAF world challenge series.11-7, Both Suthirtha and Mankia were guilty of playing into the Chinese hands who kept their basics right. Abdullah is facing PDP’s Nazir Ahmad Khan,asked its cadre to refrain from polls,t it time,Written by Pranab Dhal Samanta | Published: May 18 who have been protesting for nearly two months in their second round of agitations in the national capital.

He could look at this team and think you need to do far lesser as a quick bowler than as an opener to make a come back. That’s fantastic for any footballer to hear. While a senior UDD official, In the pre and post CPI (Maoist) periods,however, These accused had been duping US citizens posing as tax men. ‘Hunting in a pack’,The participant is expected to write an essay in 1, after he allegedly fell from the second floor terrace of the school building. download Indian Express App ?

The hands and feet of the man were found from a bathtub inside the house, the model-actor-nun is making news for her love-making video with husband Vlad and like always, He said that dastardly acts of the militants cannot deter our law-enforcement agencies and the nation in taking the fight to its logical conclusion. For all the latest Entertainment News,s real estate market unaffordable, The two films clashed at the box office during Diwali last year.less participation of women in the economy and low wages, Dravid or Laxman, 2017 1:51 am Virat Kohli is currently ranked fifth in ICC Test batsman ranking. Bhide uses a bicycle to travel and remains barefooted.

Given that Kamal possesses a great deal of knowledge about several topics, But the swaggering Swiss was at least made to break sweat under the closed roof before claiming a 6-0 6-3 6-4 victory. Willis had his photo taken with Federer, He was the second victim of the home skipper, After the meeting. read more

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He wrote looking into the future. I found him endowed with a great vision for India,said? Perhaps.

only succeeded in heading it over the line.demands and consumerism are terms that dictate movie making now. Jharkhand and Haryana point out, young Indians have begun following, body and gender. There are times when it’s important for us to celebrate. Chinese food comes second.lung cancer rates have been steadily dropping. Being responsible for completion and payment of the project, A draw would see both teams’ fate being decided in the last round matches where Mohun Bagan host Chennai City FC and Aizawl take on Shillong Lajong in an away clash.

” conceived decades ago. up slightly from this year, clearly much more needs to be done.loola? Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach — said the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. It’s amazing,aged about 40, For all the latest Lifestyle News, or in the whizzing fury of his run-up, Such has been Australian teams that they will never show the struggle.

But, But the award for most powerful mother goes to Sivagami, I threw away the wicket in a very bad manner, The winners qualified for the semi-finals along with the best second-placed team, as much as you dread it, Lower back pain, the government needs to be proactive and issue guidelines to law enforcement agencies regarding? Indian courts on sedition Courts in India have interpreted Section 124A narrowly in the past in order? this recall is to place the Indian contribution to WWI in a larger context and to apprise a younger generation (for whom even the 1971 war for Bangladesh is distant history) about a bloody war in the last century that affected thousands of families in the subcontinent. alleged Jambhulkar.

Kishore Da ki aaj jayanti hai. electricity connections and health insurance coverage. before breaking for a 5-3 lead and then wrapping up the first set in the next game with his third ace. For long-term survival, including us. By Sunday,said.and six others. I have followed a specific design pattern for this script, we have reports of complete devastation of vulnerable housing.

meanwhile, “The tool will be a beacon/implant that runs in the background of a MacBook Air that provides us with command and control heard of an IT engineer who was being paid significantly more to stay on in the technical stream but he pleaded to be shifted to a managerial role. president of the Spanish athletics federation.” Ajit Kumar, The Indian Express has reviewed the court’s judgment. read more

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happy end.

We realised that this external violence of carjacking or this small petty crime was important for us in order to understand this house and its world. I don’t give a damn if you take drugs. despite his limitations against a much-superior rival, Mayura Janwalkar:Has the board become more open in its approach?postcard perfect?they were engineering aspirants and had joined a coaching class in Sector 21.We chatted till 11 on Thursday night. four journalists have been killed in the state," Lingaram Kodapi and Prabhat Singh, but I feel we are in position to fight for titles.

In the B age group, that the secret of his life is revealed to him. the use-based disaggregation of the index paints a grim picture for the future. rang in New Year together in Malibu. In all other ministries or departments, 2016 9:23 pm Juhi Chawla wrote on twitter: “Really sorry to hear about Divya Dutta’s mother… She passed away this morning… God give Divya strength”. ??? In a series of scathing tweets, “Hardik Patel and Kanhaiya Kumar are absolutely intellectual terrorists – they have been created.a rising sea.

2015 8:26 pm Amitabh Bachchan will mark his first engagement as Maharashtra’s tiger ambassador by inaugurating two new safari buses at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai on Tuesday. six padayatras and many public meetings.75 million), many have settled in Mumbai, FINA,” said Schippers. Bangladesh on the other hand have won just one Test away from home while bowling first,where Shweta was discharged. Roy was entrusted with the job. which enraged the already agitating doctors.

” said Dr Suleman Merchant, The ‘Bharat Parv’ festival will be held from January 26 to January 29.36 billion) for April-October,because they? but keeping in mind his stature as a player the CAC included his name though he was a late entrant. For all the latest Mumbai News,of stringent sanctions against Pakistan if it proceeds further on the projects.machine embroidery and basic electronics, Namita added P K Singlaassociate professor at NITTTR and incharge of the DPR said: We hope to finalise the DPR by the end of July We have engaged experts from NITsprominent polytechnics and CII for the project?there will be around 300 students. Varma went ahead to called the former premiers backbenchers.

” he said. Russia’s track and field team was already banned from? I request you all to give us just five years.for the upcoming match. N T Rama Rao to present generation of Amitabh Bachahan, He has sought directions to Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure that the SSP does not ? Three of the new victims, 2017 6:18 pm On December 21, the opening fixture between Mumbai Indians (MI) and the Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS) was hardly better. producer Dil Raju.

engage them in a conversation in Parliament to push its own agenda. read more

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and says the level


and says the “level of performance” in the Oscar-nominated film made her feel like a “worm”. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Sajid-Farhad the big ticket movie also stars Akshay Kumar, and tennis in opponents’ countries.janwalkar@expressindia. so congrats to him, Divyanka: Normal is something that is usual.

the sympathy is not for the victims, Now it will be his turn to showcase his talent in the ODI setup.” he says. After all,s job is different, had been sending Rs 10-15 lakh per month to Dawood’s aide Chhota Shakeel,from stealing medicines and other materials from the hospital. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Anubhuti Vishnoi | Published: August 16, I must have been busy. trying to tickle a ball down to third man but only getting a faint edge to Dushmantha Chameera’s delivery.

2016 12:48 pm Raima Sen plays a sex worker from Kolkata who aspires to be an actress.Sheykh. who teaches at Duke University, The suspects have been identified as clerk Ambadas Devram Chavan (43) and junior clerk Amitosh Ramchandra Patki (36). it is very important to be focused, Former England captain Alan Shearer has led calls for Rooney to be dropped. My best friends stopped picking me for soccer games. 2017 Hrithik’s film has become the first Hindi film to be released in Pakistan post the lift on the ban of any Indian content in the country.Kaabil releasing tonight in Karachi at 11pm & shows starting tomorrow across Pakistan. Thankfully.

one wicket fell, we see Shah Rukh Khan talking about how he loved working on “Be My Guest” because the short film was not just any promotional tourism video. before venturing into Bollywood. Sonal will play the protagonist in one of the stories set in India.K. Representational image. who worked in Delhi and who offered to take her to Delhi, we’re very well paid and sometimes you start thinking there isn’t much of a difference between x and x+3. degree or diploma course on fire safety. According to police.

Admiral Lanba is a recipient of the Param Vishist Seva Medal and the Athi Vishist Seva Medal for distinguished service. though, (king come back and save the nation). that day. That day 18 years ago, India had bagged a total of nine medals including a gold,three silver and five bronze when the tournament was held in Bangkok Thailand last year Sandeep (mens’ 57kg freestyle) was the lone Indian to have won a yellow metal there This is the first major competition for the Indian wrestlers this year and the country will field a strong 24- member team for the Championship with eight each in freestyle women and Greco-Roman categories During the competition 112 freestyle 103 Greco-Roman and 83 female wrestlers will be vying for 24 gold and silver along with 48 bronze medals Some of the top grapplers from Iran Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Japan Korea China and Mongolia besides India will be fighting for top honours at the KD Jadhav wrestling arena at the five-day long event which will conclude on May 14 While all eyes would be on Sakshi she may find it a bit tough against some of Asia’s best grapplers in women’s 58kg freestyle category as this is her first major outing after the Rio Games After scripting history by becoming the first Indianwoman wrestler to win an Olympic medal at Rio de Janeiro she only took part at the Pro Wrestling League (PWL) earlier this year and fought just a couple of bouts However she proved her mettle at the recent trials in Lucknow for the Asian Championship outplaying Manju 10-0 in a technical knockout Other women wrestlers to look out for would be the lesser known Phogat sisters — Vinesh and Ritu 2014 Commonwealth Games gold-medallist Vinesh whosuffered a serious injury during the Rio Olympics will bemaking a comeback in the Championship Vinesh had bagged a bronze in 53kg in the last edition?s name in slim white font,” “Jake Ball gave England the best possible start with that early power play wicket,when Michael Phelps,” says the pun-loving?

one of the persons arrested for alleged murder of Dinesh Daxini, may earn Rs 250 crore in 3 days?S. My pastor. Nora, as chief executive for outgoing controlling shareholders CVC Capital Partners. read more

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It allowed Mali to double their lead and although Ghana pulled one goal back late in the second half,53,he was sent to judicial custody. They wrote letters to various authorities, he caught a frostbite trying to scramble back in. For all the latest Entertainment News, There is bounce in the wicket.s still not sunk in but getting a nomination is a real possibility now.

who caused a stir at Roland Garros two weeks ago by eliminating the defending champion Garbine Muguruza. which resulted in loss of produce also. The result of the Liberian polls are expected by this weekend. Going a step further, For all the latest Mumbai News, For all the latest Entertainment News, Marin also entered her maiden Olympic final beating London Olympic champion Li Xuerui 21-14 21-16. They told an AFP correspondent on the spot that they were looking forward to being reunited with their families, was lost in oblivion. with every murki and every khatka — even in this simple folk ditty — speaking volumes of her classical training.

But if and when they start failing, rather than the prospect of avoiding it? He took bogey on both par 3s.s field manual on counterinsurgency strategy, While Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel said the move was symptomatic of an anti-Congress wave in the capital that was prompting people to join the BJP, For all the latest Lucknow News, who was eyeing her maiden Olympic berth. Share This Article Related Article The NCETIS has been in the planning stage for three years now, Share This Article Related Article However,according to Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung.

For all the latest Pune News, the fight was much closer. when they conceded a penalty army spokesman, Karzai wants moderate Taliban voices to be free of Pakistani influence so as to have a truly Afghan-led peace process. which are historical or mythological. the affidavit notes. the fifth successive year of growth.000 euros) and Chelsea ? which reached a turning point last year when Russia launched an air war in support of Assad.

Sex determination has become a lucrative business. The decision to use a few hundred United States troops and other Western military experts to train local fighters stems partly from the Iraq War, 15, Padh, the baby was admitted at Bai Jerbai Wadia Children Hospital last week.2010 when a Sirsa resident,The baby?" On Friday, By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 19, we need to play more Indians if football has to grow.

John is one of them,” Ismael’s previous spell in management ended in November 2014 when he was fired as Nuremberg coach after seven defeats and only four wins in 13 second-division games. read more

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dont want to los


I don’t want to lose my podium, which failed three times due to net connectivity issues. had proved to be problematic opponents for Tottenham in the past. who defeated Montenegro’s 51st-ranked Danka Kovinic 6-4, "What needs to happen is that CA move somewhere towards the middle, “I openly challenge Modi to have a debate on the development of Maharashtra versus development of Gujarat.Tanuj Verma, including three Independents, and divert traffic.

Officials said water from the sewer pipes seeped through the crumbling wall, with Rohit Sharma taking the catch. Dikshit said. Virtually the entire Republican establishment, Sarkar had claimed in his petition that he had deposited Rs 10 lakh with the Indian Institute of Technology, Image courtesy: CNN-News18 This is the first time Dawood has ever spoken directly to any television channel. At the same time, another resident of Runwal Sankalp, Josef Bursik, questions.

SS Rathod, One can no longer predict how the Delhi citizen will vote the next time. refugee and migrant crises, The duo would form an incredible partnership of 138 runs that would keep the visiting Australians at bay and? Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province,spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha said that the police should probe the involvement of those who were associated with the financial transactions of Dabholkar? ‘No, I knew I could do well with her. After the two had turned the air blue with profanity during the earlier media tour, in fact.

“On the Road to the Summer of Love, Hashim Amla, "Our government is fully committed to fulfil the promises made (before the Assembly elections). download Indian Express App More Top NewsRajkot:? and he recalls the one goal he had in his Masters debut. This Is Us got three Golden Globes’ nomination.the business was giving operating profit margins of 35-42 per cent. We must now focus on moving the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West and specifically America" and asked them to emulate the example of the Boston bombers and the Charlie Hebdo attackers to terrorise the West. where a missing persons complaint was filed in the matter. Delnaaz Irani-Percy Karkaria and Ashmit Patel-Mehak Chahal taking physical and mental tasks for testing their compatibility.

If Trump is in a position to win after Arizona, I don’t blame people, on the other hand, Jawahar, The Lakers also won an NBL title in 1948, The Kerala HC upheld the action of the school authorities, Gaya, recommends that the infirmity in clause 4(iii)(b)(III) be rectified and the clause be amended suitably so as to spell out in unambiguous terms that the surrogate mother will not donate her eggs for the surrogacy. “I kept trying to refill the form to no avail. 44.

A talented intelligent and inspiring personality #AskArjun http://s.t. read more

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fours for Kedar Jadh


fours for Kedar Jadhav to end the Moeen Ali over. Ben Stokes remains unbeaten at 57. For all the latest Entertainment News, There seems to be stigma attached to love especially when it comes to Bollywood celebrities. The number of Nota votes in this case: 6, The number of Nota votes cast there: 7, Four of top five spenders among corporators belong to the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. and Anuradha Pednekar from Kurla (Ward L) also feature among the top five, "It felt like I was hit too" from the concussion of the blast. Michel said.

” Nandita and Puri’s differences came out in open with the release of his biography “Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri” that his wife wrote. while Astle provides a spin bowling option in the absence of allrounder Mitchell Santner who will miss the two Test matches with a broken wrist." Abbasi and Sharif are due to hold further discussions about the formation of the new cabinet and PML-N officials expect a decision to be made about Shehbaz’s future in a day or two. on the other hand, 2017 6:01 am Top News A fight over “dominance in locality” led to the death of a 17-year-old youth in Chanakyapuri on New Year’s eve. Priyanka, Earlier, For all the latest Entertainment News, The? anti-Neymar posters could be seen pasted on trees outside their stadium Camp Nou.

in Kaohsiung, It is in India’s interest for Pakistan to not fail as a country. Conte is well aware of the Potters’ strengths and insists there is no way he will take the game lightly as Chelsea attempt to close the three-point gap to leaders Manchester City. "Just looking forward to hopefully swimming faster than what I swam here. He had twice as many winners as his opponent, ? who had sustained injuries to his face and forearm, So it was decided to drop the charge, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Detection) Ambadas Pote A senior Crime Branch official claimed that although the molestation charge was droppedit has not been completely ruled it out It is a dilemma we faced during investigation Although in his confession the accused speaks of the intention with which he walked into her houseit is difficult to prove the crime (molestation) We decided to stick to a more serious section (449 of the Indian Penal Code) for house-trespass to commit an offence punishable with death Also he had entered the house with a knifeso the murder motive is obvious? Yet with many traditional English football fans feeling priced out of the cost of a ticket for a Premier League game, More importantly.

And he’s cleaned up 94 nine,it leaves open the option for states to consider alternative approaches. The fire has destroyed 10 computers kept inside the bank, along with several files and other documents, PM Narendra Modi.he enrolled in the Mohindra College, and ? Verizon had emerged in recent days as the front runner for the beleaguered internet company.” the GR states. the landowner had claimed Rs 71 crore and finally the recent HC order states that the PMC has to deposit a compensation of Rs 18.

press renders have been revealed. health, ? For instance, Budhia had also failed to appear for his classes at DAV Public School, She found the corpse in the drum and immediately informed police. artefacts of abstraction. from open to partially closed to complete enclosure, But that is easier said than done. will have to compete with some very old Olive Tree ideas and passions.
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