NAMRU-6 Microbiologist Embarks with Peruvian Navy Vessel along the Amazon River

first_imgBy Denise Alford / U.S. Naval Medical Research Center April 23, 2020 A staff member from U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 6 (NAMRU-6) embarked with the Peruvian Navy aboard the vessel BAP Río Putumayo II (PIAS 3104) in Iquitos, Peru, for a 30-day mission, November 19-December 19, along the Putumayo River, which forms the border between Peru and Colombia.U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Stephen Lizewski, microbiologist and deputy Department Head of Parasitology, joined this mission at the invitation of the Peruvian Navy. The mission is a way to strengthen relationships between the U.S. and Peru, and gain first-hand knowledge of an area critical to the mission of NAMRU-6.U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Stephen Lizewski collects water samples along the Amazon River. (Photo: Jerome Martin / U.S. Navy)The Peruvian Navy has been operating in these areas for years, but it was only in 2015 that the partnership between the Navy and the civilian ministries took root and the Itinerant Social Action Platform (PIAS) program took off. Since then, the PIAS program has conducted five campaigns per year into these secluded regions.“It is extremely difficult to reach these communities,” said David Ramirez, PIAS manager onboard Río Putumayo II. Dr. Pola Salas, a general practitioner in the Peruvian Ministry of Health agrees that due to the remoteness of the locations, “it is almost impossible for the people in these communities to receive medical assistance.”“In the past, the people along the river felt the government forgot about the Río Putumayo communities”, Ramirez said, “but now people feel included in Peru.”The ship’s mission is to bring medical and social services to the most remote, inaccessible communities in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. PIAS is a collaboration between the Peruvian Navy and six Peruvian government ministries, under the lead of the Ministry of Social Inclusion.The Peruvian Navy operates the vessel while the embarked ministries provide their specific services in medical, education, banking, and protection for vulnerable populations, all with the goal of deepening the inclusion of these isolated communities into the greater sense of community within Peru.Lt. Cmdr. Lizewski advanced several NAMRU-6 research projects while onboard. He augmented the ship’s medical component with advanced testing equipment that increased the testing capabilities for diarrheal and febrile illness that generated results in about an hour. The results also provided an idea of what diseases were present in the area and which ones were not — information that is critical for NAMRU-6 research.For example, bacterial and parasitic causes of diarrheal disease were prevalent but surprisingly malaria cases were not. Lt. Cmdr. Lizewski also collected water samples for use in both identifying disease-causing bacteria in the environment, and in identifying new ways to treat infections caused by such bacteria.One recurring theme of the voyage was the remoteness of the upper Putumayo River and difficulty in operating in the area. Few nongovernmental organizations work in the area, in large part because of the logistical difficulties in getting there; it is accessible only by river, and devoid of roads.The PIAS mission provides the Peruvian government a positive presence in the Putumayo region, which is under a special emergency zone due to narcotics trafficking. One goal of PIAS is to keep those in the communities from engaging in narcotics trafficking by providing services that the traffickers cannot. The Navy provides the logistics and security for the operation, which allows the ministries to complete their missions without fear of attack.NAMRU-6 has a long-standing agreement with the Peruvian Navy that dates back to 1983. Hosted by the Peruvian Navy and co-located at their flagship hospital in Lima, at the Naval Clinic in Iquitos and in Puerto Maldonado, NAMRU-6 conducts research on and surveillance of a wide range of infectious diseases of military or public health significance in the region. These include malaria and dengue fever, yellow fever, viral encephalitides, leishmaniasis, and enteric diseases such as shigellosis and typhoid fever, as well as anti-microbial resistance monitoring.last_img read more

11 rules for all-day energy

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! HealthLifestyle 11 rules for all-day energy by: – August 27, 2014 Share 73 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share Share Pull up the shades, prontoSunlight is a powerful natural signal that can shift your circadian rhythms from drowsy to alert. The light that hits at dawn, just before sunrise, stimulates special cells in your eyes, which then send a wake-up call to your brain’s internal clock. Our eyes are especially sensitive to this visual reveille when our pupils are still somewhat dilated from sleep, researchers at the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center have found. So get what you can first thing in the A.M.A dose of sunshine at any time boosts alertness. In one Japanese study, 16 women reportedly were more awake after sitting near a sunny window for 30 minutes in the middle of the day than after sitting in a dimly lit lab. The boost lasted for an hour.Have a protein-powered breakfastToast alone or even a granola bar won’t do it. You need protein to feel full and satisfied and to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster an all-carb meal triggers, which leaves you feeling tired and cranky. “You can make and eat a fatigue-beating breakfast in five minutes, which is probably all the time you’ll have on a morning when you’re tired and have slept in as late as possible,” says registered dietitian Elizabeth Somer.But protein doesn’t mean bacon, eggs, and sausage (as if you’d have time for these, anyway). Somer’s suggestions: whole-grain toast with peanut butter and a banana; whole-grain cereal with low- or non-fat milk and fruit; low-fat plain yogurt with berries, granola, and a handful of nuts.Sip waterIf you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel more blah, and you may function less well, too. A small Swiss study found that when volunteers were deprived of water (in this case, for 24 hours), they were nearly twice as tired and one-third less alert. They also had to work twice as hard at a series of cognitive tests. It’s unlikely you’d be that dehydrated, but to stay on par, sip frequently. Don’t gulp, though — your body can’t absorb too much at a time. “Drink a lot of water quickly and your kidneys just filter much of it out of your bloodstream and eliminate it before your body can use it all,” says Somer.Have a smarter caffeine strategyTempting though it is, skip the café grande. The best way to thwart the dreaded afternoon slump is to drink two ounces of coffee (about six to eight sips) every hour from mid-morning until early afternoon, says James K. Wyatt, Ph.D., a sleep specialist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “Caffeine blocks adenosine, a sleep-inducing brain chemical that accumulates throughout the day,” says Wyatt, who admits to nursing a single mug of joe for hours at a time. “If you drink all your coffee first thing in the morning, the boost will wear off just when you need it most.” But do cut it off by early afternoon. Caffeine has a half-life of three to seven hours, Wyatt notes. “Drinking it too late in the day will interfere with your ability to fall asleep that night” — setting you up for another low-energy day tomorrow.Have green or white teaUnlike black tea, these mild brews aren’t oxidized during processing, so they may contain the highest levels of l-theanine, a relaxing amino acid found in tea. In an Oxford University brain-scan study, levels of alpha waves — which are linked with feeling relaxed yet alert — were significantly higher in people who’d sipped a drink containing 50 milligrams of l-theanine than in those who drank plain water. The amount of l-theanine varies in different brews, but try having a cup or two. On low-energy days, take a tea break even if you’re also having coffee. In another British study, people who were given doses of l-theanine plus caffeine reported feeling less tired — and they upped their speed on tests of attention and memory.Refuel with the right snackIf you’re asking your brain and body to be perky when you’re exhausted, don’t expect to run on fumes, says Somer. Or on candy or soda, which will set you up for an energy surge and crash. Whole fruit is a better choice, as long as you pair it with protein to keep blood sugar levels steady. Have an apple, orange, or banana, or a handful of grapes, but also nibble on low-fat cheese or yogurt. Repeat in the mid-afternoon.Pass up pizzaBurgers, mac and cheese, and fried chicken, as well. A high-fat lunch left volunteers in one British study sleepier in the afternoon than those who had a leaner meal. The high-fat group was also slower and less alert on an attention test. Fat triggers the release of a digestive hormone that seems to provoke a brain slump called postprandial somnolence. For an energized afternoon, says Somer, “be sure your lunch contains a whole grain, a vegetable or fruit, and a lean protein.” That could be turkey on whole wheat with mustard, plus a fruit salad, or you could have a bowl of bean soup, a small roll, and a side salad of mixed greens.Take a strollA leisurely 20-minute walk after lunch will pick you up without tiring you out, says Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D., codirector of the University of Georgia’s Exercise Psychology Laboratory. Exercise seems to boost levels of energizing brain chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. In one study of 25 business travelers, those who exercised while on the road performed 61 percent better on mental tests than a sedentary group. “When people are fatigued, exercise may be the last thing that they feel like doing,” O’Connor notes. “But being just a bit more active will help.”Catch a catnapShut your office door, sneak out to your car, or kick off your shoes and lie down on your couch for a 15- to 30-minute snooze. In one NASA study of long-haul airline pilots, those who got a 40-minute rest period boosted alertness and performance. “Keep your nap short and you’ll get all the benefits of early-stage sleep, which fine-tunes your alertness, improves dexterity, and refreshes you,” says Sara Mednick, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego, and a prominent nap researcher. But set the alarm on your cell phone so you don’t enter deep, slow-wave sleep. “It’s very hard to wake up from, and you may feel groggy for a long time afterward,” Mednick notes.Add a wake-up spritzIn one Japanese study, volunteers who washed their faces after napping felt more awake than those who just took a nap. If you don’t want to mess up your makeup, try washing your hands in cold water and then patting some drops on the back of your neck.Let the laundry wait until tomorrowThis is a night when “early to bed” is a must. While you can’t completely repay a serious sleep debt in just one night, turning in about an hour before your usual bedtime allows you to get more slow-wave sleep, which recharges your brain and body with deep, restorative sleep.Healthy Livinglast_img read more

Mums for Education scholarship applications available

first_imgRIPLEY COUNTY, Ind. — The Ripley County Sheriff’s Department is now accepting scholarship applications for its Mums for Education Scholarship program.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.The program has raised enough money for three $1,000 scholarships to students who are pursuing a degree in criminal justice.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Applications are available at each high school in Ripley County, the Sheriff’s Office, or the Ripley County Community Foundation.Applications are due by March 31.last_img

Van Gaal wants a relaxed Rooney

first_imgLouis van Gaal has told Wayne Rooney he must relax if he is to be a successful leader of Manchester United. But Swansea boss Garry Monk is without knee-injury victims Leon Britton, Marvin Emnes and Jay Fulton. Monk aims to spoil van Gaal’s opening-day Old Trafford party by proving that both he and Swansea belong in the Premier League. Monk insists he has to prove himself more than his celebrated counterpart after he was finally appointed on a permanent basis in May following three months as interim boss in the wake of Michael Laudrup’s departure. “I think I probably need to prove myself a bit more than he does after the career he has had,” Monk said. “He is in a different situation to me. He is at one of the biggest clubs in the world and at that level the importance of winning trophies is massive so that is a different type of pressure. “My pressure comes from my experience being questioned, and that is a different type of question.” Rooney was announced as the club’s skipper on Tuesday night, following the 2-1 win over Valencia. Rooney also wore the armband in the friendly victory, but he put in a sub-par performance on the night, missing a penalty in the first half. Van Gaal believes Rooney has the potential to be an excellent United captain, but the Dutchman thinks the striker must not be over-awed by the responsibility. “I said to him (after the Valencia game): ‘Maybe it was too much for you as a captain’,” Van Gaal said. “But I said to him – ‘let it fly’, because when we were (on tour) in the US, he scored a lot of goals, and made a great amount of assists so I wanted to say that.” Antonio Valencia, Luke Shaw, Jonny Evans and Danny Welbeck are unavailable. Swansea welcome back Nathan Dyer and Wayne Routledge. Both wingers missed the Swans’ final pre-season game at home to Villarreal last week – Routledge had a foot injury while Dyer was attending the birth of his son. Van Gaal takes charge of his first competitive match as United boss on Saturday when Swansea come to Old Trafford. It will also be the first time Rooney has led the team out in his new role as United’s full-time captain. Press Associationlast_img read more

Louis van Gaal won’t promise title following Champions League exit

first_img United crashed out of the Champions League at the group stage on Tuesday when they suffered an embarrassing 3-2 defeat to Wolfsburg. Van Gaal’s critics again railed against the Dutchman in the wake of the defeat. Press Association Paul Scholes labelled United ”average” while his former team-mate Rio Ferdinand said dropping into the Europa League was ”an embarrassment”. But if United fans were looking for a rallying cry from their manager in the wake of the humbling defeat, they did not get one. Van Gaal was asked at a press conference on the eve of United’s trip to Bournemouth whether he could make up for the club’s Champions League exit by winning the Barclays Premier League. “No. It is difficult,” the United manager said. “You (the media) want to raise the expectations. We shall do everything to win something but it is very difficult. “For the fans it shall be like that. But I want to manage the expectation. It is not as easy as everybody thinks. “You can see what is happening in the Premier League every week. It is not so easy.” Van Gaal was criticised heavily for failing to lead Barcelona out of the group stages 18 years ago, and he responded by winning the Spanish league. Louis van Gaal wants to “manage expectations” at Manchester United and stressed there is no guarantee he will win silverware this season. To achieve the same feat in England with United will be harder according to the Dutchman, who thinks the gap is closing between the clubs at the top and bottom of the Premier League and across Europe. “The world has changed,” Van Gaal said. “In 1997 I was out of the group stages with Barcelona. They are also a big club, there was also a lot of criticism in the media. But then we won the title. That was minor criticism at that time. “Only one club can win the Champions League each season. It is not so easy to do that, now. “Then three or four clubs had great money. Now we have much more clubs who have the money. “It is the same in the Premier League. Next year, all the clubs in the Premier League have a bigger budget than most of the clubs in Europe.” If Van Gaal does achieve the improbable and lifts the Premier League trophy at the end of May, he will probably enjoy it more than any other triumph in his career. The Dutchman loves proving his critics wrong, as he pointed out on Friday. “I have read already in the media that I am 64 and I am too old. Last year I was good enough to get Holland to third at the World Cup,” he said. “I read the same things 20 years ago. When we went out at the group stage with Barcelona, they wrote the same thing – that my touch has gone. It is always like that. I cannot change that. “I cannot change what is in your mind. I can only say the facts. “The facts are this – we are out of the group stage, yes, I am very sorry. But I have done everything I could, as have my players and my board. “But, you cannot win every game and every year a title.” Van Gaal claims some of the criticism of his patched up team’s performance in Germany has been over the top. “I didn’t see you say anything positive for (Guillermo) Varela or (Cameron) Borthwick-Jackson,” Van Gaal said of the two young full-backs who played on Tuesday due to an injury crisis. “You can see that as a positive. Memphis (Depay) is 21, (Jesse) Lingard 22, (Anthony) Martial, 20… Still we could hurt the number two of Germany. But we have lost. I am sorry.” When asked whether he had doubted himself following the loss in Germany, Van Gaal replied: “No, I don’t have any doubts.” Van Gaal received yet more bad news on Thursday when Bastian Schweinsteiger was banned for three matches for violent conduct following an elbow on Winston Reid in the 0-0 draw against West Ham last weekend. Nine players – including captain Wayne Rooney – are out of Saturday’s game at Bournemouth, so Varela and Borthwick-Jackson could start against Eddie Howe’s team. last_img read more

Ellsworth’s Shorey wins Junior Dragster title

first_imgELLSWORTH — Ellsworth native Kerrigan Shorey capped off an excellent season of racing on the Junior Dragster circuit with a championship Saturday at Winterport Dragway.Shorey, 15, competed in the Junior Dragster competition every Sunday from May through October at Winterport this past season. She won her first race of the year in July and continued her success throughout the season, which culminated with her claiming the title at the awards banquet.In addition to her championship triumph, Shorey also finished as the runner-up in a separate series that spread six races over the course of the season. As a result of her exploits on the race track, she received two trophies, $100 courtesy of Winterport Dragway and a custom racing helmet donated by Precision Auto Body and Selena and Burnie Gordon.Shorey is currently a freshman at Ellsworth High School, where she is a member of the cheerleading squad. She worked on her dragster daily with the help of her stepfather, Bob Merchant.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textlast_img read more

Other Sports ‘Worst clay match in 14 years’: Nadal crashes to Fognini in Monte Carlo shocker

first_imgNadal and Novak knocked out of Monte Carlo championship. Nadal rates this match as worst clay court match in 14 years.Rafael Nadal crashed out to Fabio Fognini.  For all the Latest Sports News News, Other Sports News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. highlights Monte Carlo: Rafael Nadal crashed out to Fabio Fognini in the Monte Carlo Masters semi-finals on Saturday with the Spanish star admitting his 6-4, 6-2 loss was his “worst clay court match in 14 years”. The shock result leaves Italian 13th seed Fognini facing unseeded Serb Dusan Lajovic in Sunday’s unscripted final.”I played one of my worst matches on clay in 14 years,” said Nadal. It’s difficult to find any positives — I deserved to lose.” Fognini, who beat Nadal twice on clay in 2015, stopped a 25-set win streak in the principality for the world number two.”The vision is clear,” added 32-year-old Nadal who was playing his first tournament in a month after opting to rest his troublesome knees.”I played a very bad match against a good player. In that situation, you have to lose. “I had a bad feeling, it was a tough day. I’m coming from low moments in terms of injuries, and in terms of the mental side it has not been easy to accept all the things that have been going on during recent weeks.”Everything was wrong. I always expect the best. But you have to be ready to accept the negative things and today was a negative day.”For 31-year-old Fognini, based just over the border in San Remo, it was a fourth career win over Nadal and third on clay.”I had a really good week, did some good work,” said the Italian.”I was born near here, I know how to play on clay. This will be the final that no-one expected, I just hope to recover well and be ready.”Plus Lajovic is trained by my ex-coach — we laughed about that in the locker room.”Fognini, cheered by thousands of compatriots on Centre Court, broke Nadal three times in a 55-minute opening set.Nadal saved three match points while trailing a set and 5-0 as he broke Fognini in a last-gasp effort.last_img read more

Opponent preview: Get to know No. 16 West Virginia, Syracuse’s Camping World Bowl opponent

first_img Published on December 26, 2018 at 11:18 pm Contact Andrew: | @A_E_Graham For the first time in five years, No. 20 Syracuse (9-3, 6-2 Atlantic Coast) football is playing in a bowl game, against former Big East rival and No. 16 West Virginia (8-3, 6-3 Big 12), in the Camping World Bowl.The Orange enter the game coming off their best season in nearly two decades and a second-place finish in the ACC Atlantic Division. Syracuse is aiming for the seventh 10-win season in program history. The Mountaineers finished their campaign with a loss to College Football Playoff-bound Oklahoma. WVU will play without star quarterback Will Grier on Dec. 28.Here’s what to know about the Mountaineers.All-time series: 33-27, SU leads.Last time they played: In the 2012 New Era Pinstripe Bowl, SU topped WVU 38-14, rushing for 369 net yards and two touchdowns. Ryan Nassib tossed another two scores. Geno Smith, then the Mountaineers quarterback, was West Virginia’s lone bright spot offensively. He went 19-of-28 for 201 yards and two touchdowns passing, both well under his averages in a season in which he was a Heisman contender.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSyracuse locked down West Virginia’s high-octane offense by first stopping the run. WVU ran for 103 yards on 3.4 yards a carry and only got seven first downs via the ground. With Smith only adding 201 through the air, the Mountaineers entire offense was outgained by SU’s rushing attack.Leading the SU charge was Prince-Tyson Gulley, who carried the ball 26 times for 213 yards and two touchdowns. Jerome Smith had 29 carries for 152 more yards. SU averaged 5.7 yards a carry against the Mountaineers on their way to the Pinstripe Bowl title.The West Virginia report: West Virginia’s best player, quarterback Will Grier, is not going to play in the Camping World Bowl. A first round talent, his focus has moved to the NFL Draft as he follows a new trend of sitting out bowl games to prevent unnecessary injury.Grier’s backup, Jack Allison, has attempted 10 passes all season and likely takes the Mountaineers white-hot offense down a notch. Wide receivers David Sills V and Gary Jennings have combined for 28 touchdowns and still pose downfield threats. Expect the Mountaineers to take some shots, even without Grier. Defensively, the Mountaineers offer little resistance and Syracuse should be able to move the ball on the ground or in the air. WVU does feature All-American linebacker David Long Jr. in the middle of the defense, but it will struggle to match up with all of SU’s weapons on the outside. How Syracuse beats WVU: Score a lot and have a productive pass rush. Points will be there for the taking in this game, so Syracuse cannot let drives stall or settle for field goals when it could get in the end zone. Even without Grier, WVU’s offense should still muster a decent outing, and the Orange are more than capable of beating whatever that output is. SU head coach Dino Babers more or less runs a Big 12-style offense, so expect the Orange to really open it up offensively in this game and take shots down the field, while simultaneously trying to establish the inside run game with Dontae Strickland, Moe Neal and Eric Dungey. Defensively, there is no better way to disrupt an offense than a good pass rush, which Syracuse has. Alton Robinson and Kendall Coleman were two of the more productive defensive ends in the country this season. With WVU offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste sitting out, that pair, and SU’s other defensive linemen, need to get after Allison or whoever else is at quarterback for the Mountaineers.Even if sacks don’t come, getting in the backfield, collapsing the pocket and forcing a quarterback to leave his spot can be enough to break a play down, especially against a backup.Stat to know: 6 — The Orange has produced six 10-plus win football seasons in its history and hasn’t had one since 2001. In that season, SU started 0-2 and won 10 of its last 11 games, including an Bowl win over Kansas State to get to 10 wins. A win against West Virginia in the Camping World Bowl would put Syracuse at 10-3 in 2018.Player to watch: David Sills V, wide receiver, No. 13Sills has been Grier’s go-to all season long, catching 61 passes for 896 yards and 15 touchdowns, the second-most receiving touchdowns in the nation. At 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, Sills plays with a blend of speed and size, capable of getting down the field for deep shots and then winning the ball over defensive backs. If he gets hot, it could be a long afternoon for Syracuse’s secondary. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Busy afternoon in the Premier League

first_imgElsewhere, Arsenal will host Stoke at the Emirates, Bournemouth visit Norwich while Watford go up against Swansea and Southampton are away to West Brom.Today’s late kick-off in the Premier League is a half-five start at Old Trafford where Manchester United and Liverpool will renew their rivalry.last_img

Dates and times for Senior quarter finals

first_imgThe fixtures for the preliminary quarter finals in the County Senior Football finals have also been decided.On Wednesday September 23rd Loughmore-Castleiney and Kilsheelan-Kilcash meet at 7:30 in LittletonAherlow Gaels take on Thomas MacDonaghs at 5pm in Holycross on Saturday 26th while the following day Cahir meet Galtee Rovers at 3 o’clock in GoldenKillenaule received a bye in last nights draw. Following last night’s draw the dates and throw-in times have been arranged.On Saturday 26th Drom & Inch face Kildangan at 2 o’clock followed at 3.30 by the clash of Eire Óg Annacarty and Kilruane MacDonaghs.On Sunday 27th it’s Nenagh Eire Og against Portroe at 2 while Clonoulty-Rossmore face Thurles Sarsfields at 3:30.last_img